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Supporting families with their finances since 1834

I want to...

... save and invest for my child or grandchild

If you wish to open an individual savings plan for each child or grandchild, ensuring that the payout will be in their name, you can choose from our children's savings Plans:  Child Tax Exempt Savings Plan and  Ethical Child Savings Plan  

Or, if you prefer to open a plan in your name so that you can remain in control of the payout and how it is spent, take a look at our: Tax Exempt Savings Plan - Guaranteed Savings Plan - Stocks & Shares NISA - Investment Bond

... save and invest for my future

The present may be pulling on your purse strings, but it really pays to save some money for the future.

The good news is that we have a range of plans which are suitable for medium to long term savings and investments, offer tax efficient savings and are simple to open:  

Tax Exempt Savings Plan - Guaranteed Savings Plan - Stocks & Shares NISA - Investment Bond

... take care of my loved ones

Just think how useful a cash lump sum could be to those you leave behind.  It could provide a financial gift for your children or grandchildren, help pay any outstanding bills that you might have or contribute towards the cost of your funeral.  

Over 50s Life Cover

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Supporting families with their finances since 1834

Savings Plan for Children

Guaranteed tax-free returns for your child/grandchild's future

  • From just £15 a month
Apply NowMore InfoSavings Plan for Children

Tax Exempt Savings Plan

Guaranteed tax-free lump sum for your future

  • Save £25 a month
Apply NowMore InfoTax Exempt Savings Plan

Guaranteed Savings Plan

Long term savings plan with a guaranteed return

  • From £50 a month
Apply NowMore InfoGuaranteed Savings Plan

Foresters Friendly Society - Get to know us a little better

Welcome to Foresters Friendly Society, where we've been looking after our members, and their finances, for over 180 years.  We work hard to make personal finances easy to understand and our aim has always been to be open, approachable, honest and fair, treating all our members as individuals.

Offering affordable financial products - such as tax-efficent savings and investment plans and Over 50s Life cover - alongside excellent customer service, we differentiate ourselves by putting our members at the heart of everything we do.

Being a mutual society means we have no shareholders to pay. Instead our profits are used for the benefit of our members. For example, through bonuses which may be added to our with profit plans and our Foresters Extras membership benefits package, or by reinvesting them to enhance the customer service we provide.You'll also be pleased to hear that our funds have grown steadily over the years and our financial position remains strong.  (Source: Reports & Accounts 2014) Please note that past performance is not a guide to future performance. 

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AFM LogoForesters is an active member of the Association of Financial Mutuals.

(* Source:   Association of Financial Mutual's website/The Mutual Manifesto 2010)