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Foresters Board

Foresters Friendly Society’s Executive and Non-Executive Board members are listed below. Click on the ‘show info’ link next to each person’s name to view a short biography. 


Paul Osborn - Chief Executive 

Paul Osborn

Paul joined the Society in 2006 and was appointed to the Board as Finance Director in February 2007 and as Chief Executive in November 2012. He is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in the friendly societies industry and over 10 years working for a London based firm of chartered accountants. Prior to joining Foresters, Paul worked for Teachers Provident Society holding senior positions in finance and investment.

Member of the Investment and the Risk and Capital Committees.

Myles Edwards - Membership Director

Myles Edwards

Myles was co-opted to the Board on 10 February 2016. Myles was previously Commercial and Distribution Director at Age UK Enterprises Ltd. where he was responsible for developing and implementing the new commercial and distribution model. He has extensive experience as a Director in Financial Services and Social Enterprise.

Member of the Membership Committee.


John Instance - Chairman

John was appoJohn Instanceinted to the Board in December 2012. In June 2016 he was elected to the position of Chairman (awaiting regulatory approval). He has recently retired from his role as Acting Director, Actuarial Policy in the Codes and Standards Division at the Financial Reporting Council. His experience includes business management, product development, actuarial reporting, as well as setting and overseeing business plans. John is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and has a BA in Mathematics from Oxford.

Chairman of the Audit and Nominations Committees and the With-Profits and the Unit-Linked Advisory Arrangements, and member of the Investment and the Risk and Capital Committees. 

Kathryn Vagneur - Deputy Chairman

Kathryn Vagneur

Kathryn was appointed to the Board in March 2008, and elected to the position of Deputy Chairman in September 2012. She is a Director of Durant Holdings, a private investment fund, specialising in business improvement.  Previously a Director with PricewaterhouseCoopers, she has a PhD from London Business School where she did research for the CBI and consulted on strategy implementation with FTSE100 companies.  She is a Certified Public Accountant and has an MSc (Management), BSc (Maths) and researches, teaches and writes about corporate governance and business improvement.

Chairman of the Risk and Capital Committee and member of Audit and Investment Committees.


Trevor Batten - Non-Executive Director

Trevor BattenTrevor was co-opted to the Board on 10 February 2016.  Prior to his retirement in 2015, he held the position of Risk Director and CRO for Engage Mutual where he worked for 22 years and was a member of the Executive Committee.  His experience includes risk management, actuarial reporting and with-profits business.  Trevor is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

Member of the Audit Committee and With-Profits Advisory Arrangement and the Unit-Linked Advisory Arrangement.

Graham Setterfield - Non-Executive Director

Graham Setterfield

Graham was elected to the Board in June 2015. Graham is semi-retired and involved with the Prince's Trust as an Enterprise & Next Steps Scheme Business Mentor. Prior to this, Graham held the positions of Director and Chief Executive for American Express Insurance Services Europe Limited as well as various marketing and management positions within the insurance sector including Àegon.  Graham has a HND in Business Studies from the University of West England.

Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and member of the Audit, Nominations, Risk and Capital Committees and the With-Profits and Unit-Linked Advisory Arrangements.

Erik Vynckier - Non-Executive Director

Eric VynckierErik was co-opted to the Board on 10 February 2016. He was previously Chief Investment Officer at Alliance Bernstein responsible for asset management and capital management for life insurance clients and has held a number of senior roles managing with-profits and annuity funds. Erik graduated as a Chemical Engineer in Belgium and subsequently completed an MBA at London Business School.

Member of the Investment and the Risk and Capital Committees.

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