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Extra benefits - discretionary grants, GP Consultation Service or social events - it's all there waiting for you

Foresters Customers

Foresters Extras - Available at no extra cost

By taking out any of our Foresters plans you automatically become a member of the Society which gives you access to Foresters Extras - our membership package at no additional cost.

We constantly review all our benefits to make sure our members get the best options.

The membership benefits we provide aren't regulated and are regularly reviewed by us to ensure they are relevant to our members.

GP Consultation Service

Foresters Extras gives you access to our 24/7 GP Consultation Service. This service enables Foresters members to have guaranteed access to a qualified doctor from the comfort of their own home or workplace. The service provides telephone consultations or online face-to-face consultations via webcam and private prescription medication that can be delivered to your home or workplace (if the GP and patient feel it is appropriate and necessary).

To contact the GP Consultation Service please call 0345 319 0063.

GP Telephone Consultation Service

Foresters Friendly Society's private GP Telephone Consultation Service means you can talk, in confidence, to a qualified practising GP without the worry and inconvenience of time constraints. Every call remains confidential and the service is available 24 hours a day, every single day of the year from anywhere in the world.

Online Doctor Consultation Service

You can also arrange an online webcam consultation so you can easily explain your symptoms to the doctor. The doctor can use images and a note board to help you with any explanation or diagnosis. The Online Doctor Consultation service is available Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6.30pm, excluding Bank Holidays.

Private Prescription Service

Now you can obtain private prescription medication from the comfort of your own home or workplace. The GP Consultation Service can raise an electronic prescription to Pharmacy2U where experienced pharmacists will check and arrange to send the medication, by secure 1st class royal mail to your address.

GP Surgery Icon

For instant access to the Foresters GP Consultation Service download the GP Surgery icon to the home page of your desktop, laptop, tablet and/or smart phone. The icon is suitable for use on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

It works just like an app, but you download it from the GP Consultation Service website.

Once downloaded, it will sit on your home screen, providing a shortcut link to the GP Surgery website, which contains everything you need to use the service, including arranging a GP appointment. Go to and follow the instructions below for your device.

  • For desktop and laptops there are two ways to add the GP Surgery icon to your home screen. Either:
  • Go to, right click your mouse and select 'Create shortcut'. The icon will then appear on your desktop home page.
  • Alternatively, right click on your desktop homepage and select 'New Shortcut'. Then copy into the location field and click 'Next' to create the shortcut.
  • For the Apple Operating Systems (iOS), press, tap the symbol at the bottom of the page that looks like a box with an arrow coming out; select 'Add to home screen', then confirm your selection.
  • On Android devices there are two ways to add a GP Surgery icon to your home screen. Either:
  • Select, bookmark the GP Surgery website to add to your home screen. Go to your home screen and long press into an empty space to bring up 'Add to Home Screen' menu. Select 'Shortcuts'. Select 'Bookmark' and choose the GP Surgery bookmark you just created.
  • Alternatively, select, bookmark the GP Surgery website to add to your home screen. Open the Browser 'Bookmarks' screen. Long press the GP Surgery bookmark you created earlier. Select 'Add to Home Screen'.

Instructions may vary depending on which internet browser you are using, and on your device settings.

Benefits for Foresters members

  • Guaranteed, convenient, worldwide access to qualified, practicing doctors.
  • Diagnosis and reassurance regarding any health concerns, and further explanation of conditions/medication/treatment options given.
  • No limit to the number of consultations available to members.
  • Consultations can be as long or as frequent as appropriate.
  • Doctor's diagnosis and advice takes into account the member's personal medical history as GP notes are available to consultants.

To contact the GP Consultation Service please call 0345 319 0063.

Medical Solutions Logo

The GP Consultation Service is provided by Medical Solutions UK Ltd.

Calls cost a maximum of 4p per minute from a BT landline, calls from non-BT lines will vary. The price of calls from mobile telephones will depend on your contract terms. This service is not designed to replace the care of your own NHS GP. You may still need to contact your own GP. You should not use this service in an emergency or for urgent conditions, so as not to delay necessary treatment.

GP Consultation Service Testimonial

"I had treatment and left hospital confused and worried with a family history of kidney disease and potentially a two week wait to speak to a consultant, I called the GP Advice Line. During a 25 minute consultation covering my history, current problems, previous tests and results, and every aspect of my current treatment and tests, he gave me advice about the sort of questions to ask my consultant and the reasons why to ask the questions. The consultation lasted for 25 minutes, I have never been more comfortable talking to a Doctor as I was last evening or more confident.

Thank you so much for providing a professional but friendly service, also having the comfort of knowing that you can be contacted at any time and even when we are out of the country, we are going on holiday in a few weeks time, this service has given us both a great deal of peace of mind.Thank you again for an excellent service".

Ms DG from Bristol.

Financial Assistance - Discretionary Grants

We provide a number of discretionary financial grants to help you to cover the cost of things like higher education, healthcare costs and convalescence assistance. If you would like to find out more information on any of our discretionary grants, including how to make a claim, then don't hesitate to call us on 0800 783 4162.

Healthcare Grants

Our discretionary grants include assistance to cover the cost of dental and optical care.

Financial support for you

The Foresters Support fund makes grants available to help our adult members (over the age of 18) in times of hardship by paying up to £1,000 to assist with difficult times. For example, discretionary grants of this kind have helped our members affected by floods and members facing illness.

Educational Awards

Our Education Awards provide grants for members aged 16 and over who are in further education and studying for a recognised qualification. Up to £220 a year can be awarded for a full-time course, which will help to cover the cost of books, travel expenses or other items.

Convalescent Grants

Our discretionary Convalescent Grants assist members recuperating after short or long illnesses by providing a stay in a convalescent home free of charge. Foresters Friendly Society supports a convalescent home in Bridlington, Yorkshire, which has been used by thousands of our members to rest, recuperate and recover following illness. Members can stay for up to two weeks over two years and non-members, such as spouses, can accompany them for an additional charge. We also provide grants for stays in convalescent homes in other locations. For further information please call 0800 101 8310.

Financial support for children

As part of our benevolent approach, the Foresters Child Support fund was set up to commemorate members who died during the First World War. To this day it continues to provide financial assistance and children can receive up to £500 every year until their 19th birthday for:

  • The relief, maintenance or education of children who have lost a parent
  • The relief or maintenance of a totally incapacitated parent or parents
  • Children who are incapacitated or have special needs.
  • Children who are carers.

If you'd like to find out more information on any of our discretionary grants, including how to make a claim, then don't hesitate to call us on 0800 783 4162.

Foresters Care

We all know somebody who has been diagnosed with a serious health condition. Usually the treatment received is first class but often the practical help and emotional support needed by the individual and their family can be missing. The focus is on treating the condition and there is no time or resource left to provide much needed support throughout what can be a traumatic journey. Any member struggling with a serious health condition, or diagnosed with one in the future can use Foresters Care.

If you would like to speak to Foresters Care please call 01244 625180
Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

Confidential, independent care advisory service

Did you know that…

  • "4 in 10 people will get cancer at some point in their lives" Macmillan Cancer Support
  • "Around 1 million men and nearly 500,000 women have had a heart attack in the UK" British Heart Foundation
  • "At least 450,000 people are severely disabled as a result of a stroke in England" Stroke Association
  • "13m working days can be lost each year in the UK because of mental health issues" Office for National Statistics

Personal Nurse Adviser

Through Foresters Care, you will have access to your own Personal Nurse Adviser who will be there for you to provide practical information and emotional support for as long as you need it. This is a confidential, free service.

They may be able to access a specialist nurse to answer your questions, or it may be more helpful for them to arrange a course of therapy or counselling for you from a qualified professional, alongside access to specialist organisations, helplines, or local support groups.

In this way you will have support every step of the way.

And finally, your Personal Nurse Adviser will also be able to arrange a Treatment Sourcing Service if you want a rapid diagnosis or otherwise wish to pay for your own treatment. By organising this through Foresters Care you will save an annual fee of £35.

Mental Health Programme

Foresters Care also provides a mental health programme which aims to help people reduce their levels of depression and anxiety. This programme gives tailored advice, information and emotional support and can also be used for those affected by serious health issues. The programme is structured to provide continuing support to help achieve the best possible outcome for members.

If you would like to speak to Foresters Care please call 01244 625180
Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

RedArc Logo

Foresters Care is provided by RedArc Assured Ltd, an independent care advisory service. To find out more about the services provided by RedArc please visit their website>>


Read what our customers think about RED ARC's service>>

Foresters Helpline

Foresters Helpline is provided by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and gives all Foresters Friendly Society members access to free1, confidential, and impartial information via a telephone helpline service.

To contact Foresters Helpline please call 0800 101 8315
Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.

At all other times an answerphone will be available to take messages and you will be contacted within 48 hours to arrange a convenient time for a full telephone appointment.

Areas of advice covered ...

Foresters Helpline is a telephone help service for members, which gives you access to a dedicated CAB adviser who can:

  • Advise on matters relating to:
    • Welfare benefits
    • Debt & money advice
    • Housing
    • Employment
    • Consumer - good and services
  • They can also provide intial advice on other areas of law such as family or immigration advice
  • Provide basic assistance with completing forms, helping draft letters and contacting third parties to seek information

CAB logo

Foresters Helpline is provided by Manchester Citizens Advice Bureau. All Citizens Advice Bureaux are independent charities, governed by their own board of trustees, who are ultimately responsible for the quality and range of the service.

Foresters Friendly Society are not responsible for any information or opinions provided by the Manchester Citizens Advice Bureau. Manchester Citizens Advice Bureau are not an Appointed Representative of Foresters Friendly Society and therefore are not authorised to give advice on or information concerning Foresters products.

1 For some additional services, the CAB may charge a pre-agreed fee to the member.

Manchester Unity Credit Union

Foresters’ members can join Manchester Unity Credit Union (MUCU), a financial co-operative owned and controlled by its members.  MUCU offers savings from a minimum £5 a month, and when you have a savings history with them, you may also be eligible to borrow money (subject to status, Terms and Conditions apply).

Manchester Unity Credit Union is an independent organisation and
further information about joining can be obtained
by calling 0161 214 4629 or by visiting

Please note that Foresters Friendly Society takes no responsibility
for the information provided on the Manchester Unity Credit Union website.

Manchester Unity Credit Union Ltd is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, Reg No 213401.