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Welcome to the Foresters Friendly Society blog. Whether you’re looking for ways to save for your children or grandchildren, or you want to find out about tax-free ways to save for your future, have a browse through our articles.

Here you can learn more about everyday finance and longer term planning for your family’s financial future. You’ll also find fun content, videos and visual guides providing savings tips that you can share.

We hope you’ll find our Blog useful however, if you have any questions please contact us so that we can help


  • Foresters members think differently

    When it comes to preparing for the future, our members certainly know their stuff. Take a look at the results of our recent survey…

    30 November 2016

  • Don't be a last minute panic-buyer: Christmas shopping tips

    A shopping trolley filled up with Christmas decorations such as wreaths

    Don’t panic if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet – there’s still time for you to hunt down bargains with our handy tips.

    25 November 2016

  • Canine Partner in training

    Little Forester may only be six months old but he is already well on his way to becoming an amazing assistance dog for Canine Partners, a charity that trains dogs to transform the lives of disabled people.

    24 November 2016

  • DIY Christmas

    Gingerbread Christmas Tree decoration

    We all know that a bit of DIY can be a great way to save the pennies, so why not bring some homemade know-how to your festive plans this Christmas? Here’s how…

    22 November 2016

  • How to keep the kids entertained at Christmas

    The Christmas holidays are an exciting time for the little ones, so we’ve got some great ideas to keep them entertained while you’re wrapping presents…

    17 November 2016

  • A little extra for the over 50s

    Our 50+ Life Cover offers an affordable way to leave your loved ones a guaranteed lump sum, plus there is more to being a Foresters member, with extra benefits like Foresters Care and discretionary grants available for you.

    08 November 2016

  • Look who’s talking

    Look who's talking Inforgraphic

    Find it tough to chat about the big issues? Well you’re not alone.

    20 October 2016

  • Facing up to your finances

    When it comes to your finances, particularly end-of-life financial matters, it can be hard to face the music. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you make a start…

    14 October 2016

  • Let's talk: how to talk about money

    Find it tough to talk about the important stuff in life? Take a look at our handy tips…

    10 October 2016

  • Little spenders: and the winner is…

    A child's colourful drawing of a treetop house

    We had some fantastic entries to our Little Spenders kids’ competition, and we had a tough time choosing a winner…

    09 September 2016

  • Adults Vs Teens – Who are the savers & spenders?

    Cropped image of the top of Foresters Adults Vs Teens infographic

    Worrying about how your teenager handles their money? Don’t. Our Saving for Children research found that they are more responsible than we think when it comes to money.

    25 August 2016

  • What's the best saving account for my child?

    three piggy banks in a row - blue, pink and yellow

    When it comes to building up a pot of cash for a child’s future, there’s a lot to consider…

    10 August 2016

  • Annual Charity Appeal: Canine Partners & Forester the Puppy!

    Photograph of a puppy sitting in a wooden crate

    Throughout the year our members will be running initiatives and taking part in events across the country to help raise funds and awareness for this important charity. Plus we have sponsored our very own canine partner - Forester the puppy!

    02 August 2016

  • Don't be a piggy bank raider

    A pink piggy bank about to be hit by a hammer

    Almost half of us dip into our savings. Find out how to resist temptation and carry on saving for the things that matter…

    21 July 2016

  • Our little spenders

    A child’s description and drawing of what they would buy with £5,000

    In our kids’ competition, we’re finding out how kids would spend £5,000 cash, and we asked our own little ones to kick us off with some of their ideas.

    14 July 2016

  • Little Spenders: Kids’ competition

    a young girl holding a handful of money, wearing glasses and looking thoughtful

    Win a shopping spree with £200 worth of Love2shop vouchers and a 12 month National Trust family membership by letting us know how your kids would spend big bucks.

    07 July 2016

  • Five family focussed blogs to help you with your money

    a hand holding a seedling planted in some coins

    When you’re looking for help with your financial decision-making, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Luckily, we’ve drawn up a list of some of our favourite bloggers and dug out the very best of what they’ve got to offer. Take a look at our pick of the bunch…

    23 June 2016

  • Summer sport on a budget

    If sport tends to take centre stage in your family, you’ll probably be buzzing for summer 2016. With events from the European Football Championships to the Rio Olympic games taking place across the world, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to sporting spectacles. Here’s how to get in on the action without paying big bucks…

    08 June 2016

  • The Archery Big Weekend, in association with Foresters Friendly Society, is BACK!

    A logo for 'The Big Weekend' 2016 featuring a large target with arrows sticking out of it

    From Friday 3 to Sunday 5 June, Archery GB is encouraging anyone looking to try out a new sport to pick up a bow for the first time and give archery a go.

    03 June 2016

  • Saving for the things that matter: The power of lifelong saving

    Anne and Nigel from the West Midlands have been saving all their lives. Now in their retirement, aged 64 and 68 respectively, they’re reaping the rewards of their careful financial planning and enjoying life to the full. They tell us more…

    24 May 2016

  • Annual Charity Appeal: Understanding More About Dementia

    Each year the Society’s President chooses the focus for our Annual Charity Appeal. Our 2015/2016 charity, chosen by our President Linda Levett, is Alzheimer’s Research UK.

    24 May 2016

  • Saving for the things that matter: Child savings for a bright future

    Laura, 33 from Southampton, had never been a saver, but when she had her daughter Ruby she decided that needed to change. Today, she is happy knowing she is putting aside a little money each month in a children’s savings account to prepare for Ruby’s future. She tells us more…

    23 May 2016

  • Saving for the things that matter: A nest egg for peace of mind

    Gemma, 35 from Southampton, opened a tax free savings account with Foresters Friendly Society when she was aged just 28. Putting aside a little money each month enabled her to build up savings habits that will last a lifetime, as well as a tidy nest egg for the future. She tells us more…

    19 May 2016

  • How to host your summer BBQ without blowing the budget

    a father and his son cooking on the barbecue

    When the sun (hopefully) starts shining, we all love a summer gathering with friends and family. But if, like us, you’ve found that being the host can often result in spending much more than you’d expect, try some of our tips for a fun but cost-conscious BBQ…

    17 May 2016

  • 7 good reasons to take up archery

    2015 Archery GB logo for 'Big Weekend' event featuring a large target with arrows sticking out of it

    The Archery Big Weekend takes place in June, offering a chance to try this inclusive and long-established sport. It’s the perfect opportunity to give it a try, and here are some more reasons why you should…

    05 April 2016

  • How to entertain the kids this Easter without breaking the bank

    A wicker basket with a handle filled up with colourful eggs

    When you’re looking after children in the holidays, it’s all too easy to spend a small fortune entertaining them. But here are some ideas that don’t cost a packet to help you through the break…

    15 March 2016

  • 5 tax-smart tips to use before 5th April

    Calendar page with ring binder on the top of a red top with APR in white font and white bottom page with 5 in black font

    From making the most of tax-free savings to cutting an Inheritance Tax bill, there’s still time before the end of the tax year to make the most of your allowances and exemptions

    04 March 2016

  • Are you a risk taker?

    When it comes to taking risks, do you like to play it safe or do you throw caution to the wind? Well, did you know that your attitude to risk can have an impact on the financial decisions you make? Take our short quiz to find out where you stand...

    25 February 2016

  • Big banks v friendly societies – who’s taking care of your money?

    Want an alternative home for your savings? Why not consider saving with a friendly society?

    23 February 2016

  • How should I save for retirement?

    It’s wise to have savings plans to top up your retirement provision

    16 February 2016

  • Pension freedoms: what can I do with a lump sum?

    A Stocks and Shares ISA could provide a flexible solution

    10 February 2016

  • How much can I save in an ISA? And other essential ISA rules

    Interested in ISAs as a way to save money? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions…

    04 February 2016

  • Cash ISAs v Stocks and Shares ISAs – What’s best for me?

    It’s a tough time to try and get a decent return on your savings – and that’s why Stocks and Shares ISAs deserve some serious consideration

    26 January 2016

  • Cash ISAs? Stocks and Shares ISAs? Where do you start?

    Why opening an Individual Savings Account (ISA) could help your savings keep up with the cost of living

    21 January 2016

  • When will I have enough money to retire? And other big retirement questions…

    speech bubble with a red question mark in it above a cartoon man figure

    If you have more questions than answers when it comes to planning your retirement, it might feel pretty stressful – but at least you’re not alone, as our long-term saving and retirement survey discovered…

    12 January 2016

  • How to keep your New Year resolutions going

    January page from Foresters Barnardo's 2014 calendar

    No more excuses! Find out how to stick to your guns this January with psychologists Jessica Chivers and Cliff Arnall

    07 January 2016

  • 12 easy ways to save money in 2016

    Simple savings tips for every month, to help you make 2016 the year you spend less and save more!

    07 January 2016