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Tax Exempt Savings Plan

Save regularly and tax-free for your future with a long-term plan that provides a guaranteed return

Tax Exempt Savings Plan

Plan for future peace of mind with tax-free savings

Our Tax Exempt Savings Plan is a great way to put aside an affordable monthly amount and reach your savings goal, tax-free. You can have a Tax Exempt Savings Plan in addition to a NISA which means you can make even more of your tax-free savings allowance.

  • Monthly contributions are £25 and you can decide how long you wish to save for, between 10 and 25 years
  • Only a Friendly Society can give you the additional tax advantages of a Tax Exempt Savings Plan, which provides you with a cash sum pay-out free of capital gains tax and income tax and which can be held alongside a NISA.

£25 M&S Vouchers£25 M&S Vouchers when you apply online

Take out a Tax Exempt Savings Plan online by 31st December 2016 & we will send you £25 M&S Vouchers once 3 months contributions have been received.

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The Tax Exempt Savings Plan is available to all UK residents aged between 16 and 80 years old and is suitable as a long-term regular savings plan.

Access to Foresters Extras - available at no additional cost - including discretionary grants and a GP Consultation Service. Member benefits are not regulated.

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