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In 2023, we gave back over £1.72million to our members in discretionary grants and charitable donations. As a member, you have access to a full range of member benefits at not extra cost! It is our way of giving back to our members.

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We pride ourselves on bringing our members straightforward, simple-to-understand financial products. You might want to put something away for your children, or save up for your future. Our savings and investment plans can help you reach your financial goals.

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With no shareholders, I know Foresters are looking after our interests first.

We’re a Friendly Society, or sometimes referred to as a Mutual society. That means all our profits are distributed to our members through policyholder bonuses rather than going to shareholders. We also provide a unique Foresters Extras membership package and in 2023 we paid out over £1.72million to our members in discretionary grants and charitable donations. We explain what each product is, how it works and why it could be right for you.


We don’t have shareholders – instead our profits are distributed to our members through policyholder bonuses

Get access to a range of member benefits – over £1.72m paid in discretionary grants to members and charitable donations in 2023.

Established for over 190 years with over 55,000 members. We are the 5th oldest mutual society in the UK.

We manage funds of £269 million for our members.

(as of 31/12/2023)

Our plans are covered by the Financial Services Compensation
Scheme for extra protection for you

We’re a Carbon Neutral organisation

We’re delighted to have been certified as a Carbon Neutral organisation for three years running; a true testament to the efforts we are taking to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. As a Society, we are continuing our work to maintain our carbon neutral status and look forward to our 2024 results once the full year’s emissions have been calculated.


Foresters give me benefits that I can’t get anywhere else

Take out any of our financial products and you’ll automatically become a member with access to Foresters Extras, our member benefits package. From helping to cover further education costs, to every day dental and optical bills, our range of benefits make a difference to member’s lives every day.

Member benefits

What our members say

Even after 190 years our members are at the heart of everything we do. It means so much to us to hear what they have to say.

“I applied for the Educational grant as I needed financial aid for my forthcoming year of studies at University. As I have quickly learnt, being a student is expensive, and the money given to me from the Foresters has proved incredibly helpful, covering the costs of joining a sports team, as well as contributing to the living costs associated with being a student. The money given to me will allow me to make the most of my educational experience and time at university.”

Ryan, Redruth

“With the cost of living increasing, I have really struggled to stay afloat. I initially called to withdraw money from my LISA, but the lovely staff member that I spoke to told me all about the grants that Foresters have available and told me that I could reapply in the next term. This is something that I’m extremely grateful for. I don’t know any other financial services organisation that would do this for their customers, and it took tremendous stress off me. The grant has helped me to get on top of my finances and I’m extremely grateful to Foresters who are a wonderful organisation with friendly staff.”

Emily, Wallasey

“I had some surgery go badly wrong in July, which meant that I had to stop working. It is a tremendous help and encouragement to receive this grant. It will help enormously with general living costs at this strange and challenging time for me. I feel blessed to have Foresters on my side!”

Karin, Sheffield

Our 2024/2025 charity appeal

The Rivers Trust

Our Annual Charity Appeal is a marvellous way for our members throughout the UK to focus on helping a good cause each year. This year we have chosen to support The Rivers Trust, a charity leading the movement to protect and improve our rivers for us and for future generations.

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The membership benefits we provide aren’t regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority, and are regularly reviewed by us to ensure they are relevant to our members. Qualifying periods apply.