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5-star life cover

Our 50+ Life Cover policy has been independently awarded 5 stars by Fairer Finance, a research and ratings agency who award 5-star ratings to products with a set of features most customers will need and expect.

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Feel good savings

All of our products have the feel good factor! Not only do our members have access to a full range of member benefits, at no extra cost, but all our profits go back to our members too. Now doesn’t that feel good.

Savings that benefit everyone

Saving for children

It’s never too early to start saving for our little cherubs. The sooner you do, the more potential there is for growth. And the more financial security you can give them.


Saving for you

They say that money can’t buy happiness. It’s true, but sometimes it can help you do the things you love in the future. Our range of savings and investment plans can help you towards reaching your goals.


Protect your future

The future can be a little unpredictable. None of us know what’s in store – or when. We’re here to help you be prepared with products designed to offer much needed peace of mind. Now who doesn’t want that?


Take out one of our products and you’ll automatically become a Foresters member with access to all our benefits plus you could receive an M&S Gift Card.

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Not sure which product works for you?

Everyone wants something different from his or her financial products. Spend a few moments to find out which ones might be best for you.

With no shareholders, I know Foresters are looking after our interests first.

We’re a Friendly Society, or sometimes referred to as a Mutual society. That means all our profits are distributed to our members through policyholder bonuses rather than going to shareholders. We also provide a unique Foresters Extras membership package and in 2020 we paid out over £1.7million to our members in discretionary grants. We explain what each product is, how it works and why it could be right for you.


Why choose us

Your money is invested in our With Profits fund, which has performed consistently well vs. comparable funds

Source: The Barnett Waddingham survey, December 2020

Get access to a range of member benefits – over £1.7m in discretionary grants paid to our members in 2020

Proud to be a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

Established for over 185 years with approx. 70,000 members. We are the 5th oldest mutual society in the UK.

We manage funds of £285 million for our members, making us the 7th largest UK mutual in terms of funds managed.

(as of 31/12/2020)

Our plans are covered by the Financial Services Compensation
Scheme for extra protection for you

Award winning savings with Foresters

Named as Best Small Insurer at the Insurance Investment Exchange awards 2019, we were recognised for our work in delivering real value through our investment portfolios and minimising volatility in an increasingly complex environment.

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Foresters give me benefits that I can’t get anywhere else

Take out any of our financial products and you’ll automatically become a member with access to Foresters Extras, our member benefits package. From helping to cover further education costs, to every day dental and optical bills, our range of benefits make a difference to member’s lives every day.

Member benefits

What our members say

Even after 185 years our members are at the heart of everything we do. It means so much to us to hear what they have to say.

“I am very grateful for the Educational Award, which has helped fund my transport to college. Without this grant I would not be able to continue with my education, so the support received from Foresters Friendly Society has been invaluable. I would recommend any member studying in further education apply for the grant to give them a bit of extra help when they need it.”

Charlotte, Dorset

“The Foresters Support Fund grant was a big help as I had to take nine weeks off of work to recover from surgery and my family and I were struggling on limited funds. It was such a relief to receive the grant, which helped pay for my mortgage and cover costs of groceries.

Going through surgery was stressful enough, and at times we were worried we wouldn’t be able to manage financially, but thanks to the support Foresters Friendly Society provided, I didn’t need to worry about money and was able to focus on recovering.”

Stephen, Bradford

“By joining Foresters you’re not just becoming a member of the Society, you’re joining people who work in a positive way to reach out and help  others in life.”

Keith, Bedford

Our 2021 – 2022 charity appeal

Christians Against Poverty

Our Annual Charity Appeal is a marvellous way for our members throughout the UK to focus on helping a good cause each year. This year we have chosen to support Christians Against Poverty.

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Help is at hand

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