Are you a risk taker? Take our quiz

When it comes to taking risks, do you like to play it safe or do you throw caution to the wind? Well, did you know that your attitude to risk can have an impact on the financial decisions you make? Take our short quiz to find out where you stand…

(We should point out here that this is a highly unscientific quiz designed to get you thinking about your attitude to risk, and should not be used to base any financial decisions on!)

It’s all a question of balance

Whether you play it safe or take a risk, you’ll probably admit that it sometimes pays to stick your neck out. If you decide to set up your own business, choose to learn a new language, or even opt for a savings and investment plan for your money, the more risk you’re prepared to take, the more reward you could potentially receive.

When it comes to savings and investments, a With Profits saving plan from Foresters Friendly Society offers a middle ground, sitting comfortably between lower-risk cash savings and higher-risk stocks and shares.

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