1You sleep through your alarm and wake up half an hour before you’re due to be at work. You’ve got a big meeting today and you need to be on time. Do you:

2You get a great horseracing tip from someone you know to be an expert. Do you:

3A friend invites you to a new restaurant that has no menu but offers a tasting selection of world foods for a bargain price. Do you:

4You’ve got a last minute party to attend and no time to shop. The dress code says black tie but all you have is smart casual. Do you:

5You’re scouring the web for helpful DIY tips when a promising looking guide pops up. However, you need to download the guide in order to view it. Do you:

6You’re searching for a wedding present for a work colleague and have no idea what to buy. What do you choose?

7You’re shopping online when you come across exactly what you’ve been looking for. The seller is on ebay, they have a good feedback rating, and the pictures and item description look legitimate. What do you do?

8You’re out with a friend when you bump into an acquaintance in the street. You know you should make a polite introduction but you can’t remember the person’s name. What do you do?