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As a mutual society we have no shareholders, so profits are used to benefit our members through policy bonuses and a benefits package

About Us

Company reports and governance

Please select from the options below for further information on how we manage our With Profits Fund, to see our financial results, read our Annual General Meeting report and to find out more about the Society’s governance.

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Principles & Practices of Financial Management (PPFM)

How we manage our With Profits Fund

Principles & Practices of Financial Management (PPFM)

Annual Report to With-profits Policyholders on PPFM Compliance

PPFM Statement of Changes – Effective from 30th June 2018

Company reports and publications

Report & Accounts

Financial results for 2018

Financial results for 2017

Financial results for 2016

Financial results for 2015

Financial results for 2014

Financial results for 2013

Financial results for 2012

Financial results for 2011

Financial results for 2010

Financial results for 2009

Financial results for 2008

Financial results for 2007


Solvency and Financial Condition Reports (SFCR)

We are in the process of discussing with our asset managers, AXA Investment Managers, whether and how we develop an engagement strategy under the requirements of the Shareholder Rights Directive (2).  The purpose of an Engagement Policy is to set out how a life company monitors the strategy and performance, as well as the environment and social impact, of the companies it holds shares in - either directly or through an asset manager.  As a mutual organisation we are in the process of assessing the degree to which this applies to our business, and will update this section of our website in due course.

Solvency & Financial Condition Report 2018

SFCR Disclosures 2018

Solvency & Financial Condition Report 2017

SFCR Disclosures 2017

Solvency & Financial Condition Report 2016

SFCR Disclosures 2016


Our Governance - Terms of Reference


Board of Directors


Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee

Investment Committee

Membership Committee

Nominations Committee

Remuneration Committee

Reserving Committee

With-profits Advisory Arrangements

Leek Fund

Order Insurance Fund

Pure Endowment Fund

Tunstall Fund

POIS With-profits fund

Unit-linked Advisory Arrangement

Unit-Linked (POIS)

Association of Financial Mutuals

UK Corporate Governance Code (Annotated Version for Mutual Insurers)


AGM Report

AGM Report 2018

AGM Report 2016

AGM Report 2015

AGM Report 2014


Rules & Memorandum




Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017


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