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With Profits Fund – Performance Update

In light of the recent turmoil in global markets, we felt it important to provide an update on the performance of our With Profits Fund – the Order Insurance Fund (OIF) since the start of the year. Click here to read more

What can our Adviser Portal help you with?

If you are a UK Financial Adviser we can provide you and your clients with:

  • Secure online access to our full product literature including sales aids
  • The ability to run illustrations
  • The ability to submit new business online which is tracked to your Adviser number making any commission payments seamless
  • The ability to facilitate adviser fees

5 great things we can offer you and your client

1. Products for each life stage

We offer a range of with profits and unit linked products which can help to support your clients at any stage of their life. From the Investment Bond, to the Stocks and Shares ISA and more.

2. A consistently well performing with profits fund

Our With Profits fund has performed consistently well vs. comparable funds. (Source: Barnett Waddingham survey, Dec 2019). And from 2015-2020 our fund generated less volatile returns than the FTSE100 (Source: FTSE100 comparison Q4 2015 to Q1 2020 – Sept 2020)

3. An expert and unique approach to fund management

We manage funds of £285 million for our members, as of 31 December 2021, making us the 7th largest UK mutual in terms of funds managed.

Alongside our expert in-house investment team, we partner with AXA Investment Managers which manages €858 billion globally. This partnership has allowed the addition of several new asset classes in the alternatives space. This has helped to give us a unique competitive advantage over similar providers to improve the marketability of our products to new members as well as the returns that can be achieved for our existing members.

4. An award winning team

We were named Best Small Insurer at the Insurance Investment Exchange Awards 2019 for our work in delivering real value through our investment portfolios and minimising volatility in an increasingly complex environment.

5. Mutual benefits that add real value for your client

We paid over £1.7 million to our members in 2020 in discretionary grants, proving the real value of being a part of a mutual.

For more information on registering with us or for further details on what we can do for you and your clients, please contact us on 0800 954 2474 or