Canine Partners: A Pupdate on our sponsored puppies

In 2017, as part of selecting Canine Partners as our annual charity we sponsored a puppy for life and named him Forester. We liked the idea so much that we sponsored another four puppies and asked our members for name suggestions. Names had to be short (preferably two syllables) and not previously used by the charity. Archer & Arrow were the clear favourites followed by Ashen & Nelson and were presented to Canine Partners for approval.

So without further ado, here they are!

We plan to keep you up to date on their progress, following in the pawprints of ‘Forester’ who is now working to support his new Partner. We aim to track our puppies through their training and, hopefully, on to placement.

For regular updates and progress reports on our gorgeous furry friends, follow us on Facebook.


Archer was born on December 22nd 2017 and is now with her puppy parents, training at the Fields Farm Satellite. Archer is settled and confident in her new home. She is eating well and all the basic commands for her age are progressing as expected. She is an alert puppy who has had several training sessions at Fields Farm where she has been very confident in meeting other puppies. She is also learning to walk on the left and right hand side on a loose lead with her puppy parent. Overall she is making good progress.


Born on December 27th 2017, Arrow joined his puppy parents on February 14th 2018. He is settling in and making progress with all the age appropriate tasks. He has been out and about to places like the train station as well as more local areas and has managed well. He is getting used to travelling in the car and learns quickly but is also very happy to receive treats even when he seems to be able to walk on a loose lead quite naturally. He is a confident pup who has bonded very well with his puppy parents and really enjoys games with his many toys!


Ashen was born on December 22nd 2017 and is now with her puppy parents in the Bedford area. She has settled well in her home and is quiet in the car. Her loose lead walking is good for her age and she is now starting to keep focussed on her handler. Her recall in both the house and garden is excellent. The whole family enjoys playing puppy “ping pong” games which comprises of getting Ashen to go back and forth between them to practise her recall and speed up her reaction time.


Nelson was born on January 24th 2018 and started training with the East Sussex Satellite on March 14th 2018. He has settled into his new home and interacts with his puppy parents very well. He is happy to explore his surroundings. His early training is going according to plan as he handles and sits well and is learning “down” and other commands. He is quite a laid back chap. He has been taken on trains and to cafes and shops and reacted in a positive way to these new experiences and noises.

For regular updates and progress reports on our gorgeous furry friends, follow us on Facebook.

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