Foresters Customers

For the sixth year running our annual customer satisfaction survey reveals some exceptionally happy customers!

Foresters Customers

What our customers say

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do so we ensure our staff and systems really do all that we can for you.

Our 2016 annual customer survey boasts the following results:

  • 97% of our members are satisfied with the overall service we provide.

But, don't just take our word for it. Here, you can read some of the things our customers say about us.

Children's savings 

Child Tax Exempt Savings Plan

CTESP Testimonial

"There's no doubt it will be an expensive time for her when she turns 18, and I hope the money will help towards her going to university."

David, about his granddaughter Miranda and the Child Tax Exempt Savings Plan


CTESP Testimonial 2"I chose the Foresters Friendly Society CTESP for my daughter, Ruby, because it's an affordable amount to save for her each month with excellent member benefits in addition to the policy. Ruby has been a policyholder for 2 years now and I took the CTESP out on her behalf shortly after joining the Foresters Member Services department.

I love the fact that I was able to choose how long I wanted to save for. I've chosen her 21st birthday as the date she will receive the cash from the policy, so that I am able to give her a special gift on this special day.

I think the most attractive member benefit for us in the future will be the educational award, which could help her when she goes in to further education."

Laura about her daughter Ruby and the Child Tax Exempt Savings Plan


Educational Award

Testimonial: Educational Award

"The Educational Grant I received from Foresters during my 3 years of study at Exeter University was really appreciated. Although I was studying full time, I had 2 part-time jobs in order to pay for my living and travel costs to University every day. The big expense that I could never anticipate was the cost of all the University text books which would cost upwards of £600 per year. The Foresters' Educational fund was extremely helpful when it came to having to buy my course books at the beginning of each study year and provided me with funding to help purchase the books I needed.

Although I had heard of the Educational Grant when I opened my ISA, I was really surprised how easy it was to apply and grateful for all the help Foresters gave me. Without this grant I would have probably had to get a third job which would have adversely affected my studies, so I thank Foresters for their assistance."

Cheree O'Melia talking about Foresters Educational Award Grant


Financial Assistance - Discretionary Grants

Testimonial: BlankThank you very much for the generous award of £800 (plus £150 from the local committee) which you recently donated to my granddaughter Victoria.

We were surprised and delighted by your generosity and the money will be extremely useful to pay for her physio, re-training and rehabilitation."

Mr L Scott, writing about his granddaughter Victoria who suffered a car accident in 2014.


Savings & Investments

Tax Exempt Savings Plan

TESP Testimonial 2"I've had savings accounts before, mainly online, but I always used to end up taking my money out of them soon after I put it in. With the TESP I can put aside money each month that will be locked away."

Gemma, 34 about our Tax Exempt Savings Plan


TESP Testimonial"I chose Foresters because the family had dealt with them before and also it was straightforward and easy to arrange. I have been a policy holder for 10 years and I still have a policy with them. What appealed to me about the Tax Exempt Savings Plan was that not having to pay tax on savings was attractive. I was delighted with the sum I received at maturity. A very nice nest egg.

The service is excellent. I was kept up to date with bonuses, and new products, without the hard sell and incessant telephone sales methods used by other firms to promote their products. I would have no hesitation in recommending Foresters to others."

Mrs Johnstone about our Tax Exempt Savings Plan


Stocks & Shares ISA

NISA Testimonial
"My financial resolution is to take out another Foresters investment for myself and my family, and to save regularly. And my second saving resolution is to make the fullest use of the ISA allowance."

Charles talking about our ISA


NISA Testimonial 2Mr and Mrs Lee are customers who have recently switched savings to with profits. The couple, from Littlehampton, West Sussex, transferred a substantial portfolio of investment fund-based ISAs into the Foresters' with profits Stocks & Shares ISA.

Mr Lee (65) and Mrs Lee (67) are both cautious investors. Mr Lee says "We're not looking to make a huge amount with these savings.

He is planning to gradually wind down his job as a tennis coach over the coming years and use the money invested with Foresters to help boost the couple's income in retirement.

Mr Lee says "I like the idea that we can take a back seat with this kind of investment and, all being well, we should see some more stable returns in years to come."

Mr & Mrs B Lee talking about our ISA


Investment Bond

Testimonial: Blank

Frank Gingell from St Austell, took out an Investment Bond with Foresters Friendly Society through his financial adviser. Mr Gingell is happy to recommend the Foresters Investment Bond and says:

"I had heard of Foresters Friendly Society previously but it was my financial adviser, Graham Hort from Positive Solutions, who recommended the Society and the Investment Bond as being suitable for my investment needs.

I chose the Foresters Investment Bond as I liked the idea that it did what it said, was simple to understand - particularly the fund information - and that the Society provides a personal touch in everything it does.

The mutual benefits the Society offers are bonuses that I haven't yet made use of but am intending to do so in the near future. The fact that the company is a mutual organisation without shareholders is important to me and suits my requirements when making an investment of this kind".

Frank Gingell Talking about our Investment Bond


Insurance & Protection

50+ Life Cover

50+ Testimonial
"Premiums are fixed but the lump sum from my 50+ Life Cover could increase with added bonuses, helping to reduce the effects of inflation. Most policies make you pay more for that."

Edward, 55 talking about our Over 50s Life Cover


Customer Services

Testimonial: Customer Service"Your Staff are a credit to your company. The 'Human Touch' is a very apt slogan in your case. It is most refreshing in this modern day to be able to say that over the last 50 years your staff have managed, through their commendable efforts, to deliver the same personal touch (sadly so lacking today) that one enjoyed all those years ago. I have always been treated as a valuable customer."

Mrs Jacqueline Court talking about our staff

Foresters Care

RedArc Testimonial 2Kevin Bewick, 57, had problems with arthritis in his knee, probably made worse as he did a lot of cycling. He first spoke to Linda, his Personal Nurse Adviser from Foresters Care, in April 2012.

A year later, Kevin had a total knee replacement. He was doing well but had some questions about his medication and its side effects. Linda was able to give him some useful advice. She was also able to give him information about the care of his knee following surgery.

He had been provided with some physiotherapy initially by the NHS but these had been brief sessions and he did not find them very helpful. Fortunately Foresters Care was able to organise several more sessions which Kevin found beneficial, if a little painful! He was so pleased with the input from the Physiotherapist that he has since recommended him to friends.

Kevin has recently been diagnosed with another health problem and Linda has been able to offer advice and information, and will continue to offer on-going support.

Kevin said "Linda from Foresters Care has been so friendly and has always helped me. She has kept in touch regularly and has been able to put my mind at ease".

Kevin Bewick talking about Foresters Care


RedArc TestimonialBill, 86, had a Stroke at the end of 2010. He had limited follow up when he came out of hospital and was delighted when Foresters Care was able to provide a course of therapy for him, in his own home and at a local gym. This proved very beneficial and helped with Bill's mobility.

His Foresters Care Personal Nurse Adviser also sent relevant information about his health condition. But more than anything, she was able to provide a listening ear to both Bill and Doris, and give advice and information whenever they needed it, and even cheer them up sometimes when things were getting tough.

They have had regular contact over the last 3 years and their Personal Nurse Adviser has been able to provide help and reassurance whenever they have needed it.

Bill and Doris said "We just want to thank our lovely nurse for keeping in touch with us, it is always so good to talk to her, and know that she will help".

Bill and Doris Clarke talking about Foresters Care


Testimonial: BlankSimon Coghlan is 40 and had a nasty motorbike accident last July. His details were passed onto Foresters Care (RED ARC) in August.

His RED ARC Personal Nurse Advisor Anne immediately telephoned and spoke with his wife who said that Simon had been travelling on his motorbike and was hit by a car. He was still in hospital.

He had serious, multiple injuries and has undergone several operations. He was in hospital for 3 months.

During that time, Anne spoke with Simon's father who had travelled over from France. Simon has now been discharged from hospital and was on the waiting list for physiotherapy.

His Consultant told him that it may be a long wait and advised him to continue with the exercises he was given.

Anne was able to promptly organise a course of 10 physiotherapy sessions for Simon which he started straight away.

Simon's father was relieved and contacted Anne to thank her. He said that the physio had provided excellent physiotherapy and after care, and that Simon was improving slowly.

Simon's dad has returned to France and Anne is supporting Simon who is very grateful for the physiotherapy that Anne organised.

Simon says that the RED ARC service was an unexpected surprise and had helped him so much when it was needed.

He has now been provided with some sessions of physiotherapy through the NHS and has been given exercise on prescription by his GP.

He is regaining strength in his legs and is now able to walk short distances without his crutches. Anne still contacts Simon on a regular basis to support him on his recovery."

Simon Coghlan talking about Foresters Care



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