Child Trust Fund Maturity

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It’s easy to tell us what you’d like to do with your Child Trust Fund (CTF) using our online Choices form. 

You can decide to reinvest it all, reinvest some and take some, or tell us you’d like the money paid out to your bank account.

If you have any questions whilst you’re filling in the form, please telephone us on 0800 988 2418 and we’ll be happy to help.

Please complete and submit the form below and we will send you a full information pack, or click here to return to the Child Trust Fund Maturities page.

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What will I need to make my choice online?

  • Your unique ID number. This is the code which is provided in the letter you’ll have received from Foresters confirming your Child Trust Fund value and maturity date. If you do not have your code please call us on 0800 988 2418
  • Your National Insurance number and contact details – telephone number and email address
  • Your bank account details – we’ll need these if you would like any of the Child Trust Fund paid out to you
  • Proof of identity – we’ll need a proof of ID and a proof of address. Details of which forms of ID we accept are shown below. You’ll need to provide one item from each list, and will be able to upload photos, scans or documents in the form
  • Please note, your ID must be certified for us to be able to accept it. This means your documents should be certified by someone you consider responsible, but who is not a member of your family. The certifier must write on the front of each photocopy, ‘I confirm that this is a true copy of the original document’, then sign, date and print their name, address and telephone number on it
  • Whichever documents you provide, the personal details shown must match the Child Trust Fund policyholder details on this form
  • The Bank/Building Society Statement, Utility Bill or College/University letter must be dated within the last three months
ID ProofValidity guidelines
UK Passport
EU/EEA Passport
Non-UK/Non-EU Passport
Passport must be valid and have a future expiry date
Temporary passports are not acceptable
Photocard Provisional or Full Driving Licence
Photocard Motorcycle Licence
If the address does not match, a reasonable explanation must be provided
PASS CardCard must have ‘PASS’ hologram on it
Citizen Card
Validate UK Card
Address Proof Validity guidelines
UK Birth/Adoption CertificateFull or Abbreviated Birth Certificate
A Birth Certificate registered at an overseas Embassy, consulate of Military Barracks
Bank/Building Society Statement
Utility BillWe can accept mobile phone bills
College/University LetterMust be on headed paper from the College/University
National Insurance Card

We take the security of our customers very seriously. You might also want to read our Privacy Policy to find out how we use your personal information/data.