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7 Savings Strategies for first time buyers

The thought of saving for a house deposit may seem as daunting as climbing Everest and you might be wondering how exactly to get your hands on the money.

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  • How should I save for retirement?

    Do you know when you’ll retire? More importantly, do you know when you can afford to retire?
  • Pension freedoms: what can I do with a lump sum?

    Thanks to the UK pension changes, getting your hands on your pension fund means you now have the freedom to spend it or let it carry on earning interest.
  • When will I have enough money to retire?

    If you have more questions than answers when it comes to planning your retirement, it might feel pretty stressful – but at least you’re not alone, as our long-term saving and retirement survey discovered…
  • When it comes to retirement, is anything guaranteed?

    ‘When will I be able to retire?’ is a question that people didn’t have to ask in the days of final salary pension schemes.
  • Basic steps for savvy retirement saving

    How will you spend your time when you stop working? By deciding what kind of retirement you want, you can start savvy saving now.
  • Should you carry on working past retirement age?

    Our recent retirement survey showed that many people were planning to work past retirement age, so should more of us be considering this route?
  • How to boost your retirement income

    Find out how you can supplement your retirement income with our easy guide.
  • When will you be able to afford to retire?

    Will your retirement nest egg really be enough? Or perhaps you’re one of the many planning to rely on the state pension for your golden years, but do you know what it will actually get you?
  • Are you an average Jo when it comes to saving for retirement?

    Are you an average Jo when it comes to saving for retirement?
  • How to Boost Retirement Income – Do You Know Your Benefits?

    Every year, a staggering £5.5bn of benefits goes unclaimed by older people, according to Age UK.