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7 Savings Strategies for first time buyers

The thought of saving for a house deposit may seem as daunting as climbing Everest and you might be wondering how exactly to get your hands on the money.

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  • Don’t give up your new savings habit!

    While many people have faced greater debts, redundancy, or reduced income during furlough, others have seen their financial position improve and, as a result, millions of people have saved significant sums of money during the pandemic.
  • Making the most of your savings ahead of the new tax year

    With the 5th April marking the end of the current tax year, it’s your last chance to open a Lifetime, Junior or Stocks and Shares ISA to take advantage of the 2019/2020 tax-free allowance.
  • Mental Health & Money: Why it’s time to talk about your finances

    While having an open conversation about mental health is a must, we share three ways to take stock of your finances and reduce any worry or stress you may be feeling when it comes to money.
  • Average saving habits 2015: how do yours compare?

    This time last year, we took a look at the NS&I Saving Survey for an insight into the UK’s saving habits. The latest research has now been released, so it’s time for an update...
  • How Much Does the Average Person Save a Month in the UK?

    Whether we admit it or not, most of us are curious about other people's financial situations - it gives us a chance to see how well we're doing by comparison.
  • Get Set for the NISA Way to Save: The ISA’s Replacement

    On 1 July, ISAs were replaced by NISAs. While they have been criticised by some financial commentators for being aimed at the better off, they still offer many advantages for average earners - here are three good reasons to put your money into one.