ISA season tax-free saving rewards from Foresters Friendly Society

ISA season is upon us and as investors rush to make the most of their tax-free allowance, Foresters Friendly Society, the mutual provider, will be offering an M&S Gift Card up to the value of £300 for those who apply online by midnight, Friday 5th April 2019.

Foresters has a wide range of offers for consumers who open one of their popular Tax-Exempt Savings Plans (TESP), Child Tax Exempt Savings Plans (CTESP), Junior ISA, Stocks & Shares NISA or Lifetime ISA products by the end of the tax year (5th April).

The deals, which are available exclusively via the Foresters website, offer an M&S Gift Card of up to £300 depending on the value of monthly or lump sum contributions and the duration that the savings are invested.

Paul Osborn, Chief Executive for Foresters Friendly Society commented: “The internet is full of money saving tips and tricks, and for savvier savers the end of ISA season can be a lucrative occasion. Now is the perfect opportunity for those who’ve yet to take advantage of their ISA allowance to do so and take advantage of our M&S Gift Card offers, just by opening an account. It only takes a few clicks to set up a savings plan which will bring lasting value, either to themselves or a loved one.”

For further information and full terms and conditions for the Tax-Free Savings Plans M&S Gift Card offer please visit: