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Welcome to the Foresters Friendly Society blog. Whether you’re looking for ways to save for your children or grandchildren, or you want to find out about tax-free ways to save for your future, have a browse through our articles.

Here you can learn more about everyday finance and longer term planning for your family’s financial future. You’ll also find fun content, videos and visual guides providing savings tips that you can share.

We hope you’ll find our Blog useful however, if you have any questions please contact us so that we can help


  • Look ahead this Pension Awareness Day

    To celebrate Pension Awareness Day, we have 4 practical tips to help you take stock of your financial situation and prepare for your golden years.

    13 September 2019

  • Holiday money: 6 ways to boost your budget and save in the sun

    Piggy bank wearing sun glasses sat on bank notes on the sand with a little umbrella next to it

    With weak exchange rates reducing the amount of spending money you'll get abroad, foreign holidays may just seem a distant dream. But a little forward planning can help make your pound go even further…

    07 August 2019

  • How to host your summer BBQ without blowing the budget

    a father and his son cooking on the barbecue

    When the sun (hopefully) starts shining, we all love a summer gathering with friends and family. But if, like us, you’ve found that being the host can often result in spending much more than you’d expect, try some of our tips for a fun but cost-conscious BBQ…

    01 August 2019

  • Good fun and good value: free and low-cost ideas for the summer holidays

    Man with a kite running in front of two young children and a woman

    Whether you need to entertain the children/ grandchildren or are looking to occupy the whole family on a staycation, here are some ideas that provide lots of entertainment for little money.

    19 June 2019

  • Coping with finances and grief when a loved one dies

    Coping With Finances And Grief When A Loved One Dies

    Coping with the death of a loved one is one of life’s most stressful events imaginable – not only because of the psychological grieving process, but because of the financial challenges that can be incurred as well.

    04 April 2019

  • What kind of ISA is right for you?

    Man with ipad working out which ISA is right for him

    This guide takes a closer look at the different types along with the questions to consider when choosing the right ISA for you.

    11 March 2019

  • Junior ISA tax deadlines for 2018/2019

    Junior ISA Tax Deadlines

    Whether you want to start a Junior ISA or already have one don’t forget to open or top up the account before 5 April 2019 to make the most of the tax-free savings allowance for the 2018/2019 tax year.

    07 March 2019

  • How to open a Junior ISA in the 2018/2019 tax year

    How To Open A Junior ISA

    Thinking about starting a savings account for your child’s future? A Junior ISA may be the answer. These accounts are long-term, tax-free savings for children, which they will have access to when they turn 18.

    05 March 2019

  • 3 things to consider when choosing a Junior ISA in the 2018/2019 tax year

    Junior ISA - Where To Start

    If you are thinking about saving for your child’s future by opening a Junior ISA and are not sure where to start, here is a short checklist of points to consider, to help you along the way.

    01 March 2019

  • 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

    5 Ways To Spring Clean

    Spring is the perfect time to get your finances spruced up for the months ahead. Whether your savings goals are looking a little worse for wear or you just want to get on top of monthly spending habits, our 5 top tips can help you.

    26 February 2019

  • 5 ways to keep on budget this Valentine’s Day

    5 Ways To Keep On Budget This Valentine’s Day

    While Valentine's Day is a day full of romance and encourages us to do something special with our loved ones, it’s important we don’t blow our budgets on one day and remember the real reason for the celebration.

    08 February 2019

  • Don’t be blue about money

    Don't Be Blue About Money

    Every year, the third Monday of January is dubbed “Blue Monday”, but is it really the most depressing day of the year?

    25 January 2019

  • 6 simple and practical ways to save money in 2019

    Follow these 6 simple tips to identify where you can save money and how you can make those savings work harder for you:

    03 January 2019

  • New Year, New Money Resolutions

    5 Pound Note

    While the start of a New Year is exciting for all, for many improving money management and getting finances straight for the months ahead is often top of the to do list.

    02 January 2019

  • How to keep your New Year resolutions going

    2019 Lettering Happy New Year Greeting Thumbnail

    No more excuses! Find out how to stick to your guns this January with psychologists Jessica Chivers and Cliff Arnall

    01 January 2019