Foresters Member Benefits: High praise for Foresters Care.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

RedArcWe are pleased to announce that the results of a customer satisfaction survey conducted by RedArc, who provide our Foresters Care benefit, have reinforced the value this service adds to our members, as part of the Foresters Extras benefits package. 

The survey, which was conducted anonymously and involved Foresters members that had taken advantage of the service, found that 100% of patients surveyed gave Foresters Care an overall rating of good/excellent.  One member commented on their experience:

“I cannot praise the service highly enough. I have been through a very difficult year but the support from Joy (my Personal Nurse adviser)   has made things bearable. I appreciate all the help and effort. Joy listened carefully and approached my problems by looking at me as a whole person. Joy thought out of the box and found me help.”

The feedback received in the survey indicates that our members are gaining value from this service for a number of different conditions, including orthopaedic, cardiac and mental health issues.  In addition, all of the respondents agreed that they felt they were being listened to by their RedArc Personal Nurse Adviser and that they were able to express and discuss the problems that were most important to them.

Foresters Care is just one of many benefits available to our members as part of the Foresters Extras package, and it’s easy to take advantage of this service.  The service is confidential and is open to any member suffering with a serious health condition, or supporting a close family member or friend with a serious health condition.  It offers practical support and advice for as long as our members need it and members will always speak to their own Nurse.

We are constantly reviewing our benefits to make sure we are offering the best package possible to our members and this feedback reinforces the value this service brings.  If you’ve had an experience with the Foresters Care service, or any of the other Foresters Extras benefits that you’d like to share, please get in touch with our Testimonial team as we’d love to hear from you.

You can find out more about the other benefits available in the Foresters Extras package, including discretionary grants for education and support with healthcare costs, by visiting our Foresters Extras page.