Foresters members think differently

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

When it comes to preparing for the future, our members certainly know their stuff. Take a look at the results of our recent survey…

Foresters members think differentlyThis is Money reported that only 22% of people recently surveyed were willing to talk about financial matters with their families when ‘it becomes necessary’.Compare that to our Foresters survey, where 62% of our members talk about money, and it’s clear that they know their stuff!

But it’s not just in the talking about money where our members show their strengths. Foresters’ members are more likely to have life cover and wills too.

All in the numbers

In a survey of UK adults, Money Supermarket found that only 40% of respondents had any kind of life cover. 2 In our survey of 1,126 Foresters members, 67% reported having life cover.3

Of those in our survey who didn’t have cover, 16% said they simply didn’t want to think about it yet and 18% felt they couldn’t afford it.

Compare this to the Money Supermarket survey, which reports the  most common misconception about life cover to be that insurers rarely pay out, and it becomes clear that our members have a better handle on the ins and outs of cover. In fact, a whopping 64% of our members surveyed said that they felt they understood life insurance ‘well’ or ‘very well’

Our members also surveyed well on wills. A total 68% reported having a will, which is higher than the results of WillAid research showing that only 47% of people say they have written a Will.4

A friendly society

When you’re a Foresters Friendly Society member, it’s clear you have the future in mind. Our range of affordable savings and investment plans enable our members to make sensible plans for the future, as they have for over 180 years.

Established in 1834, Foresters Friendly Society started life as a common fund for members to pay into so that they could withdraw money at a time of need. Today, we still offer our members help when they need it, but we also help them prepare for the future.

As a mutual society, we’re owned by our members and have no shareholders to pay. This means that profits are used for policy payouts or reinvested to benefit our members and that our members have a say in how we’re run.

We want to help people help themselves, and to offer a responsible approach to long-term saving and investing. We’re helping to create a world of savvy savers.

  • As a friendly society, we can offer you a lot more than just affordable long-term savings and investments; or life insurance for the over 50s. When you become a Foresters Friendly Society member, you become eligible for a range of benefits. Take a look at what’s on offer.

2 – Life Insurance Survey 

3 The Foresters Magazine survey was carried out from May – August 2016 among 1126 Foresters Members.