Successful saving made simple: a visual guide

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Saving money makes you happier – it’s a scientific fact, but do you find it difficult to put those extra pennies aside every month? We’ve got the solution.

The majority of savers feel more optimistic, hopeful, calm and confident than non-savers, according to Standard Life Saving in Mind, so if you can manage to make a few cut backs and start saving regularly, you could be well on your way to happiness.

Happy Saving

Research from Which? revealed that successful savers share three habits: saving every month, keeping their savings separate, and saving for ‘the future’ rather than a specific goal.

To start saving, why not try cutting back on frequent purchases such as coffee, takeaways or wine, setting up a specific savings account and get used to moving money into it every month with a direct debit. 

Science says saving makes you happier - download our guide


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