How to keep the kids entertained at Christmas

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Entertain the kids at ChristmasThe Christmas holidays are an exciting time for the little ones, so we’ve got some great ideas to keep them entertained while you’re wrapping presents…

1. Easy home made Christmas decorations

From paper chains to painted baubles, there are a range of ideas for various age groups. Smaller children will find paper chains a lot of fun: you can simply buy a kit or cut up strips of wrapping paper and help the kids apply the glue. You can pick up plain card baubles for painting at most craft shops, or you could try folding squares of paper and cutting out asymmetric shapes to unfold into snowflakes.

2. Make photo booth props for silly photos

Christmas is a time for silly hats and games, so why not embrace the season by making some props for a photo booth. Perfect for older children, set the kids to work cutting reindeer antlers, Santa beards, hats and speech bubbles out of coloured card. Attach the finished shapes to long wooden skewers or pencils and you’ve got your own photo booth props. The best part is, once the props are made the fun can continue as the kids can take endless streams of silly photos on their smartphones or tablets.

3. Make frozen bubbles

A fun game for younger children, frozen bubbles are beautiful and fun. The best way to play with frozen bubbles is to wait for a cold day. Mix up a bubble mixture of 1 cup of washing up liquid to three cups of water. You can add ½ cup of corn syrup if you need to make them stronger. On a cold day you can go outside and blow bubbles with a bubble wand or straw and they’ll freeze before your eyes! If the days don’t get cold enough you can always use a straw to blow a bubble on a plate and pop it in the freezer. In about 30 minutes it’ll be frozen!

4. Put on a festive play

From an impromptu nativity play to a festive puppet show, encourage the kids to make up and perform a play for all the family when they’re over at Christmas. For younger children this could be a fun game, but if your little ones are slightly older, you could encourage them to take it a bit further and work on a script. For the grand performance, simply put up a washing line or string between two sturdy points in your home and hang a sheet over it for a makeshift stage curtain.

5. Get creative & make your own Christmas cards

How to entertain the kids Christmas craftsIf you’re willing to get a little messy, crack out the paints and have the kids decorate plain cards. Cut-in-half potatoes dipped in white paint make great snowman outlines, or little fingers in various colours of paint could make a string of lights. Once they’re dry you can add the details with felt-tip. Torn up scraps of wrapping paper are also a great way to make simple cards: stack strips in a triangle to make a Christmas tree shape or cut out round shapes and embellish with ribbons for hanging baubles.

6. Play a Christmas version of charades

A simple version of the traditional game, you can either print out charade ideas online or write your own. Our favourites are: 12 days of Christmas, silent night, ice-skating and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Simply write your ideas down on scraps of paper, drop them in a hat and let the hilarity commence.

7. Don’t forget to write letters to Santa

How to enter the kids Santa letterGet your kids wrapped up in the magic of the season by writing letters to Santa. Crack out the pens and pencils and make them as festive as you like, with drawings, glitter and more! You can post your letter to Santa with the Royal Mail, but you need to do this by Friday 9 December to be sure of a response. Alternatively, you can track Santa online.

8. Whip up some tasty snacks for Santa’s reindeer too

Let’s not forget about Santa’s faithful reindeer, and you can keep excited little ones busy on Christmas Eve by whipping up some quick reindeer food. What do reindeer eat? Why magic feed of course! Mix oats with glitter and leave it out in a bowl for Santa’s reindeer.


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