Back to School - Money is Now on the National Curriculum

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Did you know that financial education is now on the national curriculum across the whole UK? Find out what your child will be learning.

Understanding maths and finance are crucial skills for all, and with finance now featuring on the national curriculum the future generations have more chance than ever to master these skills from an early age.

The new curriculum will be taught in both primary and secondary schools, and is welcomed by experts, the public and teachers alike.

Money is Now on the National Curriculum 

Support your primary school age child in their education with these handy tips. Throughout primary school, your child will be learning about how to use money symbols, combinations of coins and solve simple problems. You can bring this into their daily life at the shops and on day trips out.

By secondary school, pupils learn financial mathematics including interest calculations, budgeting and manage risk. Help your child by understanding the basics of budgeting and explain to them your financial decisions.

Download a PDF of our Financial Education Money Curriculum Guide 


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