Our little spenders

Thursday, July 14, 2016

How would a child spend £5,000 cash? From super cars to luxury homes, chocolate bars to tree houses, kids have big dreams for their big bucks.

The smartest computer ever, a secret garden, a million chocolate bars and a house in a hot country for Mum – these are just some of the ideas our kids have come up with for a big shopping spree. 

In our kids’ competition, we’re finding out what young children know about the value of money, and if they would spend a large sum wisely. To start us off, we asked four children, aged between 5- and 10-years-old, to draw how they would spend £5,000 in cash, and the answers we got ranged from the money savvy to the understated to the downright extravagant! 

Take a look at what they drew: 

“The smartest computer ever and lots of games!” 

Our little spenders

Technical wizard Dylan had a pretty good grasp of what his money could get him. He wanted to buy computer games, gaming currency and the smartest computer ever. 

“A Lamborghini and one million chocolate bars and a house in a hot country”

Our little spenders_Sid

Six-year-old Sid dreamed big with his cash, wanting a fast car and a million chocolate bars. The house in a hot country is for his Mum, who has always wanted to live abroad. We just hope he’s got a big fridge for all that chocolate! 

“A tree house”

Our little spenders_Clara

Clara, aged 8, took a more sedate approach with her money, designing a beautiful tree house to enjoy with her friends. 

“A secret garden”

Our little spenders_Isla

Animal lover Isla decided that she would use her £5,000 for good, building a secret garden complete with wildlife sanctuary.

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