Summer sport on a budget

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

If sport tends to take centre stage in your family, you’ll probably be buzzing for
summer 2016. With events from the European Football Championships to the Rio Olympic games taking place across the world, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to sporting spectacles. Here’s how to get in on the action without paying big bucks…

Wimbledon 2016

Summer sport on a budget

If your budding tennis pros are clamouring to see the action this year, you don’t have to disappoint! Court tickets can be pricey, but for just £25 you can watch as many matches as you want on the outside courts, plus kids will love being in the heart of the action. Ground tickets decrease in price on the second week and if you go after 5pm they’ll be even cheaper still. A ground day ticket on the final Sunday costs just £81.

UEFA Euro 2016

You may be too late for the draw but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the TV in the living room. Host your own public screening for family, friends or your local community. As long as your event is non-commercial (ie you won’t be making any money via the sale of food, drinks or merchandise), and smaller than 300 people, you can host a screening completely free, and don’t even need to apply for permission2. Why not get together in the village hall and ask a local business to sponsor the event? It’ll be like being there without the hassle of flights!

Rio Olympics 2016

Very few of us will be lucky enough to travel to Rio to witness the 2016 games, but you can still recreate the buzz of London 2012 in your own back garden with your own family Olympics. Set up a host of events over the 17 days, including races, tennis, badminton, discus (Frisbee) and long jump. You can even hold your own opening and closing ceremonies and award medals. For older children, why not take them along to new sports classes to pique their interest? Local events such as the Archery GB Big Weekend allow all ages to try out new sports for free. 


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