Isle of Wight Summer Cricket Event

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Isle of Wight branch of Foresters Friendly Society is set to host its first welcome event of 2009 for existing and prospective new members

The Isle of Wight branch of the Foresters Friendly Society is set to host its first welcome event of 2009 for existing and prospective new members. The event will take place at the Newclose Cricket Ground, near Newport, on Monday 6th July 2009.

An afternoon seminar will run between 1pm and 4pm, where guests will have an opportunity to discover more about the Foresters Friendly Society and the positive role its members play in the local community. This will be followed by a cream tea.

An evening seminar session, where a buffet will be provided, will then take place from 6.30pm for those unable to make the afternoon session. The event forms part of a nationwide drive by the Society to attract new members as it celebrates the 175th anniversary during 2009.

During the two seminars, Foresters Friendly Society Development Officer, Brendan O'Callaghan, supported by local friendly societies historian, Roger Logan, will present an illustrated account of the story of the Foresters Friendly Society on the island.

The presentation will focus on the role of individual members and highlight examples of benevolent and charitable works undertaken by local members since the formation of the first island branch in 1845. They will also discuss the benefits of membership of today's Foresters Friendly Society. As a further part of the event, the Society will also be unveiling a plaque by one of the established trees, as sponsorship of the cricket ground.

To assist with travel, a return coach shuttle service will be running from Coppins Bridge car park in Newport to the cricket ground at appropriate times to the events.

Foresters Friendly Society is the only UK Friendly Society to combine financial services insurance and savings products with the social benefits of a participative local branch network. Membership of the Society is also available without the need to purchase a financial product at the cost of £25 per year.

Doreen Gant, of the Foresters Friendly Society, said: "This welcome event offers both the prospect of a fascinating insight into the history of the Society on the Isle of Wight and an opportunity to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of the Society today."

"Our members are passionate and enthusiastic about the Society and its values. For many Foresters, membership is a genuine lifestyle choice and we actively encourage all of our members to participate at every opportunity and to contribute to a lively ongoing debate about the Society and its activities.

"We are an inclusive community and want people from all sections of society to join us and share in the benefits of membership".

Admission is by prior invitation so people who are interested in attending the event or joining the Foresters Friendly Society can telephone Doreen Gant on 01983 200 235 or email for more information.