Having fun to create

better communities

We may be a financial services provider but, as a mutual society, it’s about more than money. We’re different. It’s about people – and helping the communities around us. We’re not called Foresters Friendly for nothing.

Free membership with all our products

Take out any of our financial products and you’ll automatically become a member with access to Foresters Extras, our member benefits package.


Members together

Charity fundraising events, dinner dances, walks in the countryside, theatre trips or just a coffee and a biggish slice of cake. There is always something coming up for members who want to get involved. For more details on your local social branch, please contact our Member Services team on 0800 988 2418 or email memberservices@forestersfriendlysociety.co.uk.

Giving something back

What is life if we can’t help people? Supporting charitable causes is a huge part of what we do. So every year we nominate a cause for our Annual Charity Appeal. And this year’s is something absolutely incredible.

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There are two ways to become a

Foresters member

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Take out one of our financial products

You might want to put something away for your children. Or save up for your future. Every one of our products includes free membership with access to a range of benefits.

£25 per year

Membership subscription

Don’t need a financial product? Don’t worry. You’ll also be welcomed as a member by taking out an annual subscription. For only £25 every year you can enjoy all the benefits of Foresters Extras, including financial support, practical help, as well as social and community events.

The membership benefits we provide aren’t regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulatory Authority, and are regularly reviewed by us to ensure they are relevant to our members.