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“I am incredibly grateful to Foresters Friendly Society for taking the edge off a financially turbulent period.”

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Foresters Friendly Society took the edge off a financially turbulent period.

“I decided to begin an Engineering degree in order to improve my career prospects, which coincided with me moving house, creating additional financial challenges.

It has transpired that the educational grant supported me when I most needed it. I am incredibly grateful to Foresters Friendly Society for taking the edge off a financially turbulent period.”

James, Gwynedd

Support Fund grant relieved financial pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic

“The Foresters Support Fund grant really relieved a lot of pressure on me during the Covid-19 pandemic. I’ve been struggling to care for my parents and husband, who have been shielding, and the grant has given me the ability to arrange additional support to help keep them safe.

This much needed support changed my outlook immensely and helped me to cope throughout these strange and surreal times.”

Jacqueline, Worksop

I know Foresters will be there to help me.

“It’s great to know that when saving with Foresters Friendly Society you can receive assistance in the form of a Foresters Support Fund grant to help you in difficult times, knowing this does not need to be paid back.

I am glad I am saving with the Society and will continue to do so, as I know that they will be there to help me if I need financial assistance.”

Ammad, Essex

I’ve been paying in for 10 years already!

“I’ve had savings accounts before, mainly with my bank, but I always used to end up taking my money out of them soon after I put it in. With the Tax Exempt Savings Plan I put in £25 each month by Direct Debit that is then locked away. My money is growing and I’ve been paying in for 10 years already. It’s amazing how quickly it has gone. My Tax Exempt Savings Plan will mature in 5 years’ time so I am already planning what I will do with the cash payout!”

Gemma, Hampshire

“I applied for the Educational Award to support the cost of attending drama school. The grant has provided support towards my tuition fees and additional costs, which include fuel, script, headshot and show reel purchases.”

Colin, Hemel Hempstead

The wonderful grant from Foresters Friendly Society has been a real help.

“I have been unable to earn any money as a Reflexologist since the beginning of the Coronavirus restrictions . As I don’t qualify for government support, I have had to rely on my limited savings to cover my monthly outgoings. The wonderful grant from Foresters Friendly Society represents nearly a month’s lost earnings and has been a real help.

I’ve been a member of your wonderful Society for many years, due in part to the generosity and support shown to members.”

Deborah, Hove

“Like so many people, the pandemic caused a reduction in my working pattern which inevitably resulted in loss of earnings. To help support my family, I decided to learn a new skill by training as an electrician. It quickly became apparent that training would include costs for PPE, tools and assessments, so I applied for the Educational Award to help with this.

It’s been a huge relief to buy these necessities without putting myself into further debt. My confidence has been bolstered by the support that Foresters has invested in me. It’s lovely to see that this ancient Society really values it’s members.”

A satisfied member

Educational Award provided much needed financial support

“I applied for the Educational Award grant after having spoken to my Court Secretary about the costs associated with my current studies. Having to fund the cost of travelling from Coventry to Birmingham for 14 weeks was going to be a challenge, along with finding the money to pay for the textbooks I need to support my goal of becoming a registered dietitian…”

Amy, Hertfordshire
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“The Foresters Support Fund grant has benefitted me greatly as hearing loss can be very isolating and hearing aids are expensive. I am very grateful for the grant received from Foresters, which has helped with the cost of my hearing aids.”

A satisfied member

“Receiving the Foresters Support Fund has been a great relief, as I’ve recently started a new job after a period of unemployment. The money is enough to pay a whole month of my bills, which has taken away some of the stresses in my life.

I’m very appreciative that I was able to obtain the grant. With this support in place, I can get on top of managing my finances.”

A satisfied member

“I applied for the grant to help me buy the equipment and books I need to further my studies to become a paramedic.

Thanks to the Educational Award grant from Foresters I was able to buy the materials I needed and as a result both my grades and my knowledge have improved.

Foresters Friendly Society look after their members in every way possible, and I am proud to call myself a member.”

Brooklyn, Greater Manchester

The grant has helped during an extremely stressful year

“I’m currently in my fifth year of studying on the Legal Practice Course at the University of Law. The Educational Award Fund grant enabled me to attend a work experience placement, which in turn helped with the application for my current job. It also meant that I was able to purchase study books without having to worry about the cost.

Thanks to the support given by Foresters Friendly Society I have been able to study efficiently throughout the year and I really appreciate the help the grant has given me during an extremely stressful year.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Foresters and all it does.”

Kate, Northumberland

“I was recently awarded a grant from the Foresters Support Fund, which enabled me to purchase a second-hand stair lift. Having this aid has made a great difference to my quality of life and I’m very grateful to Foresters for their help and support.”

A satisfied member

“As I am a full time carer for my wife, we have limited spare money, so when our boiler broke it was imperative that we replaced it as soon as possible.

The support received from the Foresters Support Fund, and from our local branch, allowed us to replace the boiler without the financial impact hitting us too hard. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Foresters Friendly Society, and all the company does to support its members, to friends and family.”

Paul, Newcastle

“COVID-19 has made it very difficult for me to find work, as more people are applying for the same positions. I’m currently unemployed and needed financial support to cover my monthly outgoings.

The Foresters Support Fund has enabled me to pay my bills and put fuel in my car, so I can continue to attend job interviews.”

A satisfied member

It allowed us to get away from pressures at home

“My wife and I visited the convalescent home in Bridlington to allow us to have a break from the stress of life at home whilst I recovered from a muscular injury.

The break was instrumental in aiding recovery and rest, as it allowed us to get away from pressures at home and spend some relaxing time in a great location with other Foresters members who were also convalescing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the convalescent home grant to any member who needs some time to themselves to recuperate, you’re guaranteed to receive a warm welcome and great food, but most importantly, you are able to rest and relax amongst friends.”

Peter, Derby

“The pandemic has had a huge impact on my finances, as I lost the majority of my work during lockdown. As a specialist advisor supporting schools and local authorities to ensure vulnerable children don’t miss out on education, clear speech and communication skills are vital for my role. I applied for the Foresters Support Fund to help with extensive dental treatment that I needed, which wasn’t available under the NHS. The medical bills were a huge shock, especially as my income was impacted by the pandemic.

I was worried about how I was going to be able to afford the treatment but receiving the grant from Foresters has been a huge boost for me and my family. Having support to pay for my medical bills has meant that I can start to work again.”

Carol, Devon

“I cannot believe the amount of support, warmth and compassion I have received from Foresters Friendly Society as a result of applying for assistance through the Foresters Support Fund.

I applied for the grant as I am currently out of work, through no fault of my own, and have been facing financial pressures with a mortgage, bills and a daughter at University to take care of. This fantastic grant has helped take the pressure off financially.

I have been a member of the Society for years, and now I really feel a part of something special.”

Ann-Marie, Stoke-on-Trent

“The grant received from the Foresters Child Support Fund means that we can sign our daughter up for alternative therapies. She has special needs, and the therapies could have a considerable impact on her abilities. Foresters lives true to its name as a Friendly Society.

Everyone I’ve ever dealt with at Foresters has been kind and caring. You really feel like a valued member. I can’t thank Foresters enough for its generosity and support.”

Michele, Cornwall

Without the grant from Foresters, I wouldn’t have been able to afford all of this

“The Educational Award has helped to support the costs of my education. The grant has enabled me to purchase up to date textbooks to help with my studies and has funded my travel to and from sixth form. Receiving the grant has also enabled me to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, which has given me great life skills that will prepare me for University. Without the grant from Foresters, I wouldn’t have been able to afford all of this.”

Hannah, Sussex

“This last year has been financially devastating for our family, from redundancy to losing my business, all of which has had a huge impact on what we are able to offer our children. As a family we have all had to make cutbacks and sacrifices due to our loss of earnings. The cost for music lessons and other extra-curricular clubs for our children has been very expensive, but the grant that we received from Foresters has meant that they can continue with their musical education and extra-curricular activities.”

A satisfied member

“Our daughter suffers from hearing loss and the associated impact this has had on her since an early age in relation to academic attainment and social interaction. The grant we received from the Child Support Fund has been a huge help in funding additional support to help with day-to-day life and education, which we hope will help contribute to our daughter achieving her academic potential.

Foresters is a fantastic organisation that not only provides financial products, but more importantly, looks after its members. Foresters is there when it really matters.”

Michael, Wilton

“After suffering with a worsening medical condition, I needed help to pay for treatment that wasn’t covered by the NHS. I applied for the Foresters Support Grant, as the medical bills alone were £2,500. The grant has been an enormous help to me, as this was a huge sum of money for me to find.

I’m extremely grateful to Foresters for their support, which has enabled me to get the treatment that I needed. Thank you!”

A satisfied member

Receiving the generous grant from Foresters was a huge relief

“After being made redundant back in August 2021, my son needed urgent treatment for a root canal under sedation. The pressures of the pandemic meant that NHS dental practises had a two year waiting list, so we had no choice but to go private. I am actively looking for employment, but the cost of the treatment would have been an extreme burden on my finances, so receiving the generous grant from Foresters was a huge relief.

The money has gone a long way towards paying off the cost of the treatment and I would encourage everyone to use the help available from Foresters.”

Marzena, East Hampshire

“The grant from Foresters has been a huge benefit to my daughter who has autism. She has now found a transitional college facility in Gloucester that offers a bespoke package to help her achieve her qualifications.

To cater for Harley’s condition, any plans we have as a family are often adjusted or require additional expense, so the grant is a huge help. Many thanks once again for your generosity.”

Rob, from the Forest of Dean

“Receiving the Educational Award grant has given me the resources to push onwards with my course progress. The grant has been a huge help towards repaying my course fees and covering book costs for a level six research module, as required by my degree course.”

James, Flintshire

“Ill health and COVID-19 have both had a huge impact on my wife and I. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve only been able to work a small number of days and having utilised all the money and good will that was available to us, our debts were rising.

Receiving the Foresters Support Fund has been a huge relief as it has enabled us to pay off some of our debts and M.O.T. our car. Thank you again for all your help.”

A satisfied member

We are so grateful for the support from Foresters

“As a freelance illustrator, I have really struggled financially this year because of COVID-19. The grant from Foresters has meant that I can replace our broken washing machine and purchase new school clothes for my children. This has been a huge relief as I’m currently recovering from surgery following a cancer diagnosis and have found it difficult to continuously handwash our clothes.

We are so grateful for the support from Foresters. It could not have come at a better time.”

Tina, Cheshire

“At the end of 2021 I suffered an unexpected, traumatic event that caused me significant psychological distress. Consequently, I have been signed off from work and require treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The combination of OCD and PTSD requires a specialist form of treatment conducted by highly trained consultants accredited with the EMDR association.

Since the event, I have struggled a lot with my mental health and the reduction in salary due to long-term leave from work has added financial pressure. The Foresters support grant will enable me to pay for the first phase of EMDR therapy, which is crucial in assessing my condition and developing a formal treatment plan. Without the grant from Foresters, I would have to delay my treatment until a later stage, potentially worsening my condition.”

Jaydeep, Berkshire

I suffer from severe Hyalosis, which affects my vision. I was advised by my optician that a specialised lens in my glasses would help me. The new glasses were of course very expensive. The Foresters Support Fund grant has been a huge help as it has gone towards the cost of my new lenses.

A satisfied member

“Thanks to the Foresters Child Support Fund, I can purchase assistive technology to support my children with their hearing loss as they grow and become more independent. Both children require help at home and at school to ensure they can hear properly and to develop their language and social skills.

With the grant, I can purchase vibrating alarm clocks, hearing loops, headphones and a soundfield system to support their development.”

A satisfied member