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“I would recommend the grant to anyone studying who needs some extra support.”

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“I am very grateful for the Educational Award, which has helped fund my transport to college. Without this grant I would not be able to continue with my education, so the support received from Foresters Friendly Society has been invaluable. I would recommend any member studying in further education apply for the grant to give them a bit of extra help when they need it.”

Charlotte, Dorset

Foresters Friendly Society took the edge off a financially turbulent period.

“I decided to begin an Engineering degree in order to improve my career prospects, which coincided with me moving house, creating additional financial challenges.

It has transpired that the educational grant supported me when I most needed it. I am incredibly grateful to Foresters Friendly Society for taking the edge off a financially turbulent period.”

James, Gwynedd

“By joining Foresters you’re not just becoming a member of the Society, you’re joining people who work in a positive way to reach out and help  others in life.”

Keith, Bedford

I’ve been paying in for 10 years already!

“I’ve had savings accounts before, mainly with my bank, but I always used to end up taking my money out of them soon after I put it in. With the Tax Exempt Savings Plan I put in £25 each month by Direct Debit that is then locked away. My money is growing and I’ve been paying in for 10 years already. It’s amazing how quickly it has gone. My Tax Exempt Savings Plan will mature in 5 years’ time so I am already planning what I will do with the cash payout!”

Gemma, Hampshire

Support Fund grant relieved financial pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic

“The Foresters Support Fund grant really relieved a lot of pressure on me during the Covid-19 pandemic. I’ve been struggling to care for my parents and husband, who have been shielding, and the grant has given me the ability to arrange additional support to help keep them safe.

This much needed support changed my outlook immensely and helped me to cope throughout these strange and surreal times.”

Jacqueline, Worksop

I know Foresters will be there to help me.

“It’s great to know that when saving with Foresters Friendly Society you can receive assistance in the form of a Foresters Support Fund grant to help you in difficult times, knowing this does not need to be paid back.

I am glad I am saving with the Society and will continue to do so, as I know that they will be there to help me if I need financial assistance.”

Ammad, Essex

“Although I receive a student loan, it’s difficult to be able to afford all the textbooks and IT software I need to complete my course.

Thanks to the Educational Award from Foresters Friendly Society I was able to buy some of the core texts for my course. Additional support received from my local Foresters branch, who matched the amount given from the Educational Award Fund, meant that I was also able to purchase a laptop, which will really help with my studies.”

Charlotte, Lincolnshire

Kim, Yorkshire

“The Support Fund grant gave me peace of mind during the Coronavirus pandemic”

“The Coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on my life, as I was unable to work. Unfortunately I was ineligible to apply for any government assistance or any other grants, and was worried about how I was going to manage during this difficult time.

The grant received from the Foresters Support Fund has given me complete peace of mind. I’ve been able to pay my bills and not miss future payments. This has also helped my mental health as I haven’t had to deal with the stresses of worrying about not being able to financially support myself.

This grant has really demonstrated to me and my family how much Foresters genuinely cares and supports its members, and why I believe people should consider choosing Foresters. Thank you.”


Kim, Yorkshire

“A stay in a convalescent home, made possible thanks to the Foresters Convalescent grant, was very beneficial in helping me recharge after an operation. The stay also made things more comfortable for me as I have a long term illness.

I have received not only physical help from Foresters Friendly Society, but I also enjoy being part of a wonderful organisation.”

Diane, Sheffield

“The Foresters Support Fund grant was a big help as I had to take nine weeks off of work to recover from surgery and my family and I were struggling on limited funds. It was such a relief to receive the grant, which helped pay for my mortgage and cover costs of groceries.

Going through surgery was stressful enough, and at times we were worried we wouldn’t be able to manage financially, but thanks to the support Foresters Friendly Society provided, I didn’t need to worry about money and was able to focus on recovering.”

Stephen, Bradford

The grant covered day to day living costs when our income was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Covid-19 has had a huge impact on my wife and I. The entertainment industry has been one of the worst affected as a result of the pandemic, and as we run an entertainment company, we have been unable to work since the outbreak started. This has had a massive impact on our lives.

It was such a relief to receive the Foresters Support Fund grant, which we have been able to use to cover day to day living costs such as food and utility bills.

We are extremely impressed with Foresters and the way in which they continue to support their members.”

Ronald, London

Educational Award provided much needed financial support

“I applied for the Educational Award grant after having spoken to my Court Secretary about the costs associated with my current studies. Having to fund the cost of travelling from Coventry to Birmingham for 14 weeks was going to be a challenge, along with finding the money to pay for the textbooks I need to support my goal of becoming a registered dietitian…”

Amy, Hertfordshire
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“Thanks to the convalescent grant I was able to have a break from my role as a carer to my wife, which allowed me some much needed respite.”

Brian, Huddersfield

“Involvement in Foresters Friendly Society social events and activities has been a lifeline to me as a recent widower, through Foresters I have met and made many new friends and our social events are very happy occasions. Long may Foresters continue to prosper.”

Gary, Mansfield

“I applied for the Educational Award to support the cost of attending drama school. The grant has provided support towards my tuition fees and additional costs, which include fuel, script, headshot and show reel purchases.”

Colin, Hemel Hempstead

The grant has helped during an extremely stressful year

“I’m currently in my fifth year of studying on the Legal Practice Course at the University of Law. The Educational Award Fund grant enabled me to attend a work experience placement, which in turn helped with the application for my current job. It also meant that I was able to purchase study books without having to worry about the cost.

Thanks to the support given by Foresters Friendly Society I have been able to study efficiently throughout the year and I really appreciate the help the grant has given me during an extremely stressful year.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Foresters and all it does.”

Kate, Northumberland

“I cannot believe the amount of support, warmth and compassion I have received from Foresters Friendly Society as a result of applying for assistance through the Foresters Support Fund.

I applied for the grant as I am currently out of work, through no fault of my own, and have been facing financial pressures with a mortgage, bills and a daughter at University to take care of. This fantastic grant has helped take the pressure off financially.

I have been a member of the Society for years, and now I really feel a part of something special.”

Ann-Marie, Stoke-on-Trent

The wonderful grant from Foresters Friendly Society has been a real help.

“I have been unable to earn any money as a Reflexologist since the beginning of the Coronavirus restrictions . As I don’t qualify for government support, I have had to rely on my limited savings to cover my monthly outgoings. The wonderful grant from Foresters Friendly Society represents nearly a month’s lost earnings and has been a real help.

I’ve been a member of your wonderful Society for many years, due in part to the generosity and support shown to members.”

Deborah, Hove

“The Convalescent Home benefit was a real help to me when I needed to recover from a road traffic accident which damaged my leg and foot. The facilities at the home meant that I was able to rest my leg and was able to use the lift instead of having to struggle climbing the stairs.

I would recommend this benefit to anyone needing to recover from an illness or injury, the convalescent home is the perfect place to do so.”

John, Weymouth

Educational Award helped with one-to-one tuition

“In order to start my apprenticeship, I needed to pass a maths exam. Thanks to the Educational Award grant I was able to take advantage of some one-to-one tuition with a specialist tutor, which really helped give me confidence with my maths exam and achieve my target grades.

The award really helped my studies, I would recommend the grant to anyone studying who needs some extra support.”

Anthony, Essex

“I’m currently studying for a PhD in Primary Science Education and although I receive a small bursary, which helps towards the cost of living expenses, I incur additional costs which I need to cover to support my research.

The financial assistance I’ve received from the Educational Award has meant that I can pay for the travel expenses required to enable me to visit participants I have been interviewing to collect data as part of my studies. I’ve also been able to purchase some valuable text books and I am extremely grateful to Foresters Friendly Society for their support.”

Clare, Bedfordshire

“I have been given a helping hand, which I am so grateful for.”

“I’m currently in the process of selling my late mother’s flat, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic this has been put on hold. This has left me needing to cover costs associated with the property, such as council tax and
management fees.

Thanks to the financial support and kindness of Foresters Friendly Society, I have been given a helping hand, which I am so grateful for.”

Joan, Surrey

“I applied for the grant to help me buy the equipment and books I need to further my studies to become a paramedic.

Thanks to the Educational Award grant from Foresters I was able to buy the materials I needed and as a result both my grades and my knowledge have improved.

Foresters Friendly Society look after their members in every way possible, and I am proud to call myself a member.”

Brooklyn, Greater Manchester

It allowed us to get away from pressures at home

“My wife and I visited the convalescent home in Bridlington to allow us to have a break from the stress of life at home whilst I recovered from a muscular injury.

The break was instrumental in aiding recovery and rest, as it allowed us to get away from pressures at home and spend some relaxing time in a great location with other Foresters members who were also convalescing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the convalescent home grant to any member who needs some time to themselves to recuperate, you’re guaranteed to receive a warm welcome and great food, but most importantly, you are able to rest and relax amongst friends.”

Peter, Derby

“As I am a full time carer for my wife, we have limited spare money, so when our boiler broke it was imperative that we replaced it as soon as possible.

The support received from the Foresters Support Fund, and from our local branch, allowed us to replace the boiler without the financial impact hitting us too hard. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Foresters Friendly Society, and all the company does to support its members, to friends and family.”

Paul, Newcastle

“I would highly recommend the Bridlington Convalescent Home, it’s very welcoming and staff make sure you are well looked after. I stayed at the home to have a break and it allowed me to be by the sea, in a welcoming environment with some lovely home cooked meals and good company.”

Margot, West Yorkshire

“When I needed some support following a spinal operation, Foresters Friendly Society was there for me. I was able to stay in a convalescent home which allowed me to relax and recuperate. Without this benefit, I would have found it difficult to cope with preparing meals.

In addition to the Convalescent Home Benefit, I receive good ongoing support from my Personal Nurse Adviser through Foresters Care, who has been there to support me following the death of my husband and during my own illness.”

Patricia, Devon

Laura about Ruby

Affordable amount to save each month for my daughter

“I chose the Foresters Friendly Society Child Tax Exempt Savings Plan for my daughter, Ruby, because it’s an affordable amount to save for her each month with excellent member benefits in addition to the policy. Ruby has been a policyholder for 7 years now and I took the Child Tax Exempt Savings Plan CTESP out on her behalf shortly after joining the Foresters Member Services department. I love the fact that I was able to choose how long I wanted to save for. I’ve chosen her 21st birthday as the date she will receive the cash from the policy, so that I am able to give her a special gift on this special day. I think the most attractive member benefit for us in the future will be the educational award, which could help her when she goes in to further education.”

Laura about her daughter Ruby

Educational Award helped with books & accommodation

“Thanks to the generosity of Foresters Friendly Society, I received an Educational Award grant, which allowed me to purchase literature for my course, together with assisting with my accommodation costs whilst at University. The grant has provided a financial benefit towards my continued ambition of becoming a primary school teacher.”

Sarah, Reading