Junior ISA

Make a New Years resolution that makes a difference

If your child received some money from friends and family this Christmas why not put it into their Junior ISA, helping to build a secure future for them.

Any contributions will help put some solid building blocks in place so that your little ones can grow and flourish. When they turn 18 they will have a savings pot they can put towards the next step in their life. 

Pay in up to


Friends and
family can



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to grow their savings

We all dream about giving our children the best start in life – and that includes financially. It’s a great feeling knowing that they have savings growing as they do. Our Junior ISA gives you the chance to invest simply in their future.

A New Years gift, just for you!

We have extended our special offer until 31st January 2020 meaning if you top up your child’s Junior ISA with £100 or more we’ll send you a £10 M&S Gift Card. 

Make sure you quote JISAChristmas01 to receive your Gift Card.

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Why top up their Junior ISA?

It is a simple and affordable way to build up a savings pot for your child for when they reach 18.

You can pay in up to £4,368 this tax year by saving regularly from £10 per month and making top ups of at least £50.

Friends and family can top up too.

Your money is invested in our top performing With Profits fund and has the potential to grow thanks to annual and final bonuses. (Source: Barnett Waddingham Survey Dec 2018)

Lara, Nottingham

“I applied for the Educational Award as my father had done 25 years ago. The grant has helped support my A-Level studies by enabling me to buy text books and stationery.

Thanks to the continued support of Foresters Friendly Society, I’m confident that I will be able to achieve the grades I need to achieve my goal of going to university.”

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Common questions

Can a Junior ISA be held alongside a Child Trust Fund (CTF)?

If the child already has a Child Trust Fund (CTF), they can’t hold both products, but the CTF can be transferred into the Junior ISA, as can another Junior ISA held with another provider. To transfer a CTF or Junior ISA into our Junior ISA, simply download a Transfer Form and submit your application by post.

Are there any charges?

There is an Annual Management Charge which is initially set at 1.9% of the value of your Junior ISA. We deduct charges upfront before we declare bonuses. This means there are no additional charges for you to pay. This charge could change, but we promise it will never exceed 3% of the value of your Junior ISA in any one year. The charges are designed to cover our costs for administering the JISA on your behalf. For more information about charges, please take a few minutes to read the relevant Junior ISA Key Information Document and Important Information.

Where is my money invested?

Your money is invested in our top performing with profits Order Insurance Fund with the aim of providing investment growth. Dependent on the performance of our fund, we aim to add annual bonuses and a final bonus to your child’s Junior ISA which will increase their plan’s value. The addition of bonuses is not guaranteed.

We never forget it’s your child’s money, so we take extra good care of it. Within our fund, your money is spread across a number of different types of investments to help minimise risk and increase the potential returns. This way your money benefits from exposure to a range of asset classes which may include equities (company shares), fixed interest bonds (government and company), property and cash.

What interest does the Junior ISA plan pay?

The Foresters Stocks & Shares Junior ISA doesn’t pay interest. Instead, by investing the money you pay into the plan into our Order Insurance with profits Fund we provide the potential for growth through bonuses. What growth your child’s Junior ISA receives will depend on the performance of our fund.

The following annual bonus rates have been declared for the Junior ISA:

YearAnnual Bonus Rate

The annual bonus rate is applied to the amounts you have invested, less the amounts you have withdrawn, and any annual bonuses that have been previously added.

The addition of any bonus is not guaranteed and your child may not get back the full amount originally invested, dependent on the investment conditions at withdrawal.

To find out more about the addition of bonuses and how we manage our fund please read our Principles and Practices of Financial Management (PPFM).

We may vary the design of a product to best meet the needs of our policyholders which may affect the timing and size of future bonuses. Therefore the above table is provided for information purposes only and should not be considered an indication of likely future performance.

Can withdrawals be made from a JISA?

No – no one can access the funds legally before the child turns 18. In other words, the plan is locked.

What happens to the Junior ISA when the child turns 18?

Once your child turns 18 they’ll be able to access their Junior ISA. Their lump sum will either continue to be invested as an adult ISA, or the money can be used to further their plans. It could help them with university fees, saving towards a deposit on a house, or even buy their first car.

What happens if the person paying contributions passes away before the child reaches 18?

Anyone can pay into the Junior ISA so, in this case, another person can carry on with the payments.

Added value for your child – Foresters Extras

Taking out a Junior ISA means your child is part of the Foresters Friendly family, and can enjoy some wonderful, unique benefits including discretionary grants to help with higher education costs when the time comes and to support life’s ups and downs.

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Three ways to top up your child’s Junior ISA



Make a one-off, secure, payment from your debit card. Top up online now.


By phone

Call us on 0800 988 2418 and we can take a payment from your debit card over the phone.


By post

Download the Junior ISA Top Up Form and either complete the Direct Debit instruction or attach a cheque for the lump sum contribution amount, then send it back to us and we will do the rest for you.



Ready to get started?


call 0800 988 2418

OR Download a top up form

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