Child Tax Exempt Savings Plan

A helping hand

For your children

It’s hard to imagine our children being fully grown adults. When the little ones become big ones. It seems like such a long way away, doesn’t it? But it’ll be here before we know it. Through our Post Office Insurance Society brand, a Tax Exempt Savings Plan for children is a great way for you to give them some financial support for the adult years ahead.

Foresters now offers a Tax Exempt Savings Plans for children through our Post Office Insurance Society (POIS) brand, which we own.

Pay in £25 a month

for 10-25 years

Available for

0 – 15

year olds

Life cover


The potential for

long-term growth

This affordable plan offers a tax free cash sum when they need it most. Imagine helping them pay towards their university fees, helping to fund a trip around the world or even helping towards the deposit on a first home.

By opening a Tax Exempt Savings Plan for children, you will feel great knowing what an important contribution you will be able to make to their early adult years. Priceless!

As your contributions are invested in a fund which includes stocks and shares, the value of the plan may fall as well as rise and your child may get back less than you have paid in.  Tax rules may change and depend on individual circumstances

If you have a Foresters Child Tax Exempt Savings Plan, it will continue to run as normal. Each person (including children) can save up to a maximum of £25 a month in a Friendly Society Tax Exempt Savings Plan. And because monthly contributions for this plan are fixed at £25, you can’t hold more than one plan. Click here to find out about our other savings options.

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