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Child Trust Fund - Top Ups

Top-ups make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift, maximising the cash lump sum your child will receive when they turn 18

Child Trust Fund - Top Ups

Foresters Extras

Foresters Extras are a unique range of benefits available to all our members at no additional cost and which can be accessed by a parent or guardian on behalf of a child or grandchild that has a plan with us. 

Once your child or grandchild has been a Foresters member for six months you can take advantage, on their behalf, of Foresters Extras discretionary benefits which cover all life stages and include:

Discretionary Grants

  • Educational Awards to assist with the costs of higher education or training
  • Financial support via hardship grants

Foresters Care

Any member struggling with a serious health condition, or diagnosed with one in the future, can use Foresters Care to:

  • Access your own Personal Nurse Adviser who will be there to provide you with practical information and emotional support for as long as you need it.
  • Access a specialist nurse to answer your questions, or arrange a course of therapy or counselling.

Membership benefits aren't regulated and are regularly reviewed by us to ensure they are relevant to our members.

More about Foresters Extras.

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