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Junior ISA (JISA)

A simple way for you, and your child, to build up a savings pot for when they turn 18

Junior ISA (JISA)

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How could the Junior ISA (JISA) grow?

The Foresters Junior ISA does not pay interest on the amount you have paid in. Instead, the Order Insurance Fund, in which it is invested, provides your Stocks & Shares JISA with the potential for growth by way of bonuses

What are bonuses?

Any money paid into our Junior ISA is invested in our Order Insurance Fund along with the other Order Insurance Fund policyholders (excluding those with ethical investments). Dependent on the performance of this fund, Foresters Friendly aim to add annual bonuses to increase the value of your JISA.

When the time comes and you cash-in your JISA in full, we also aim to add a final bonus to the value of the plan. This is done to ensure that the plan's payout reflects your fair share of the Order Insurance Fund.

In adverse market conditions, a Market Value Reduction (MVR) could be applied when you transfer out, or fully cash-in your JISA meaning the amount you receive will be reduced and you may not get back the full amount originally invested. We will only do this to ensure fairness between policyholders leaving the fund at different times. We will never apply an MVR on death or terminal illness as defined in accordance with HMRC definition.

The addition of any bonuses is not guaranteed.

How do bonuses work?

We aim to pay bonuses in two ways:

1.  Annually:

We aim to pay annual bonuses on the amount you have paid into the Junior ISA. Any annual bonuses declared on the plan will then increase the plan's value for future years’ bonus declarations. Bonuses are calculated daily which allows for the timing of any investments and withdrawals together with any previously allocated bonuses.

2.  Final bonus on full cash-in value of the JISA:

When you cash-in your Junior ISA in full, we also aim to add a final bonus to the total value of your plan.

Risk category

The JISA is classified as a 'Medium Risk'. This could be suitable for medium risk investors, which can be classified as follows:

  • You are willing to take a moderate amount of risk.
  • You understand and accept that inflation could erode the value of your money over time.
  • You understand that you could lose money on a 'Medium Risk' investment.
  • You understand that Foresters Friendly Society regard a 'Medium Risk' product to be one which typically cannot predict the amount of money you may receive back. 

For more details about the Foresters Junior ISA, please read the relevant JISA Key Information Document (Monthly Contribution or Lump Sum Payment) and Important Information.

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