Tax-Free saving rewards from Foresters Friendly Society this ISA Season

With the end of the tax year upon us, as an added bonus for investors looking to make the most of their tax-free allowance, Foresters Friendly Society, the mutual financial services provider, is offering M&S Gift Cards worth up to £200 for those who apply online by midnight on Sunday 5th April 2020.

Foresters Friendly Society has a range of offers for consumers who open one of their popular Tax Exempt Savings Plan, Child Tax Exempt Savings Plan, Junior ISA, Stocks & Shares ISA, Lifetime ISA or Investment Bond products by the end of the tax year.

The deals, which are available online via the Foresters website, or by postal application in the case of ISA transfers, offer an M&S Gift Card of up to £200, depending on the value of monthly contribution or lump sum investment made.

For example, savers taking out a Stocks and Shares ISA or Investment Bond with a lump sum investment of at least £5,000 are eligible to receive an M&S Gift Card worth £50, after a three-month investment period. The offer increases to £200 for those investing £20,000 or more.

Applicants will receive the Gift Card once the first 3 months’ contributions have been received or, in the case of lump sum investments, once the specified length of investment time has been reached. Transfers from existing ISA, Lifetime ISA and Junior ISA accounts are also accepted.

Sally Waterfield, Head of Marketing for Foresters Friendly Society commented: “There isn’t long left to take advantage of this tax year’s ISA allowance, but it takes just a few moments to open one of our savings plans, giving you tax-free savings plus an M&S Gift Card for you to enjoy too when you meet the terms of the offer.”

For full details including the terms and conditions of Foresters Friendly Society’s ISA season offers, please visit