Earn handy extra cash through refer-a-friend schemes

We’re all for ways of making a little extra money – especially if it gives you a little extra to save – so here’s a useful tip we’d like to pass on!

We all know how easy it is to spend a little too much over Christmas, but here’s a tip to help build up the coffers again. There are several ways to earn a little extra cash online, from doing surveys to joining cashback sites (see our previous blog for some examples) – and this is another useful one.

When looking for new customers, businesses know there’s no better publicity than word of mouth. That’s why many of them will offer you an incentive if you refer their products and services to your friends and family. In some cases they will offer a reward to your friend, too.

The Daily Telegraph recently ran an article on refer-a-friend schemes, which highlights some of the best deals here.

There is a lot up for grabs from all kinds of companies, from savings and investment providers, to insurance and utility companies, and even online groceries. If you know someone who is about to switch banks or energy suppliers, or take out a savings plan bear this in mind as these businesses can offer great incentives and may accept more than one referral!

See this Daily Telegraph article for more information.

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