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Marzena, East Hampshire

“After being made redundant back in August 2021, my son needed urgent treatment for a root canal under sedation. The pressures of the pandemic meant that NHS dental practices had a two year waiting list, so we had no choice but to go private. I am actively looking for employment, but the cost of the treatment would have been an extreme burden on my finances, so receiving the generous grant from Foresters was a huge relief. The money has gone a long way towards paying off the cost of the treatment and I would encourage everyone to use the help available from Foresters.”


Healthcare grants

In 2021 we awarded grants worth £410,652

The cost of everyday healthcare can add up. You may need some work done at the dentist or need an eye test and some new glasses. Our discretionary healthcare grants can help towards the cost of every day dental and optical care.


Financial support for you

In 2021 we awarded grants worth £49,005

Sometimes life can try and trip us up. That’s where the Foresters Support fund can help. Discretionary grants are available to assist members of any age in times of hardship to assist with difficult times. For example, we’ve been able to help members affected by floods and members facing illness. We have also been able to support members who have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.


Educational awards

In 2021 we awarded grants worth £70,620

If you have children or grandchildren or are upskilling yourself, then you know how much higher education can cost. Our discretionary Educational Awards can provide grants for members aged 16 and over who are in further education and studying for a recognised qualification. Up to £300 a year could be awarded, which will help towards the cost of books, travel expenses or other items.


Convalescent grants

In 2021 we awarded grants worth £44,475

Our discretionary Convalescent grants assist members recuperating after short or long illnesses by providing a stay in a convalescent home. Foresters Friendly Society supports a convalescent home in Bridlington, Yorkshire, which has been used by thousands of our members to rest, recuperate and recover following illness. Members may be eligible for support with costs towards a stay and non-members, such as spouses, can accompany you for an additional charge. We also provide grants for stays in convalescent homes in other locations closer to you. For further information please call 0800 101 8310.


Financial support for children

In 2021 we awarded grants worth £75,000

As part of our benevolent approach, the Foresters Child Support fund was set up to commemorate members who died during the First World War. Today the Fund’s purpose is to provide financial assistance for children (up to and including the age of 19).

Circumstances that would be considered for a grant include:

  • Children who are bereft of one or both parents
  • Children who have parents that are incapacitated
  • Children who are themselves incapacitated or have special needs
  • Children who are carers.


If you’d like to find out more information on any of our discretionary grants, including how to make a claim, then don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 783 4162.

Downloadable claim forms and information on how to make a claim can also be found here.

Peter, Derby

“My wife and I visited the convalescent home in Bridlington to allow us to have a break from the stress of life at home whilst I recovered from a muscular injury.

The break was instrumental in aiding recovery and rest, as it allowed us to get away from pressures at home and spend some relaxing time in a great location with other Foresters members who were also convalescing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the convalescent home grant to any member who needs some time to themselves to recuperate, you’re guaranteed to receive a warm welcome and great food, but most importantly, you are able to rest and relax amongst friends.”

Foresters Care

In 2021 we awarded grants worth £11,076

Working alongside the vastly experienced RedArc, Foresters Care has supported thousands of people through serious and long-term physical and mental illnesses, trauma, eldercare and bereavement, across all life stages. Assigning a Personal Nurse Adviser to each case, all of whom are highly experienced qualified nurses, this enables Foresters Care to provide tailored help by telephone according to our member’s requirements. The same nurse provides long-term support giving important continuity. Your Personal Nurse Adviser can provide long-term advice and emotional support, can help you make the most of services offered by the NHS, specialist charities and social services. They can also arrange a second medical opinion so you can get the right diagnosis and treatment, and guide you through any post hospital care.

If you are a member and would like to speak to Foresters Care please call 0800 276 1023, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

Foresters Care is provided by RedArc Assured Ltd, a personal nurse advice service.

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