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7 Savings Strategies for first time buyers

The thought of saving for a house deposit may seem as daunting as climbing Everest and you might be wondering how exactly to get your hands on the money.

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  • Foresters Friendly Society see 36% increase in premium income

    As at the end of October 2019, Foresters Friendly Society has increased premium income on its savings and investment plans year-on-year
  • Foresters Friendly Society’s with-profits fund performs well above average

    Foresters’ with-profits fund is listed the top performing fund in the small and medium categories with a 5 year return of 5.39 per cent.
  • Surge in family members saving for children’s education

    Foresters Friendly Society has discovered just how far financial preparations are having to stretch to cover the soaring cost of higher education today.
  • Foresters Friendly Society winner of ‘Best Small Insurer’ at Insurance Investment Exchange Awards 2019

    Foresters were recognised for their work in delivering real value through their investment portfolios and minimising volatility in an increasingly complex environment. Embracing innovative strategies and internal talent has helped Foresters to be recognised for this award.
  • AXA Investment Managers Selected by Foresters Friendly Society to Manage Multi-Asset Mandate

    Foresters Friendly Society has appointed AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) to manage a £175 million multi-asset mandate on behalf of its members, with capacity for the mandate to grow to £300m in the medium-term.
  • Volunteer’s Week 2019: 57% of us DON’T give back to communities

    Analysis from financial services mutual, Foresters Friendly Society, found there are several barriers stopping people from volunteering and giving back to their local communities.
  • Bank Holiday rewards on limited offer from Foresters Friendly Society

    With the Bank holiday fast approaching, consumers have the option to make use of the extra day to ensure their savings are working their hardest ahead of the summer months.
  • Foresters Friendly Society launches Unsung Heroes campaign

    As we gear up for the deluge of Hollywood superhero blockbusters this summer, new research has proven that 41% of Brits admit they don’t have a favourite fictional superhero.
  • ISA season tax-free saving rewards from Foresters Friendly Society

    Foresters has a wide range of offers for consumers who open one of their popular Tax-Exempt Savings Plans (TESP), Child Tax Exempt Savings Plans (CTESP), Junior ISA, Stocks & Shares NISA or Lifetime ISA products by the end of the tax year (5th April).
  • 75% of parents sacrifice their savings to support kids

    One third (33%) of the population are often sacrificing how much they both spend and save money for themselves to divert funds to support their children, with 42% following suit on occasion, according to new research from Foresters Friendly Society.
  • Junior ISA lessons you wish you’d learnt at school

    37% of parents wish they had received a better understanding of how to save money for both short and long-term goals when they were at school, according to new research from Foresters Friendly Society.
  • Canine Partners: A Pupdate on our sponsored puppies

    In 2017, we sponsored a puppy for life and named him Forester. We liked the idea so much that we sponsored another four puppies and asked our members for name suggestions.
  • It’s official: we make our members very happy

    Nothing makes us happier than making our members happy. And this year everyone’s smiling.
  • Canine Partner in training: Forester is coming on leaps and bounds!

    Little Forester may only be six months old but he is already well on his way to becoming an amazing assistance dog for Canine Partners, a charity that trains dogs to transform the lives of disabled people.
  • Helping those less fortunate this Christmas – Spreading the Community Spirit

    Christmas is all about getting together and giving, and here at Foresters Friendly Society we’re doing just that. Find out how you too can make a difference to someone’s Christmas this year…
  • Foresters is named one of the top 5 long-term with profits payouts

    We’re pleased to say that the Association of Financial Mutuals’ (AFM) With Profits Performance Review 2015 placed us in the top five payouts for long-term with profits investments.
  • Foresters remembers, and a legacy of World War 1

    To mark Remembrance Day in this especially poignant anniversary, we recall our members who were affected by the First World War and the benevolent fund that was begun to help them.
  • Foresters introduce their new annual charity, Sense

    Have you seen the video where Jo Milne hears for the first time in her life? This is why fundraising makes Sense to us.
  • 10 Fascinating Facts about Archery You Probably Never Knew

    Over the past few years, archery has exploded thanks to Team GB's success at the Paralympics and the popularity of films and TV shows such as The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones.